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Free Crochet Flower Patterns, Plus Some Suggestions for Crochet Flower Pattern Books That Are Truly Worth the Money

By Amy Solovay

Are you feeling inspired to crochet your own flowers? If so, we invite you to browse through our library of crochet flower patterns, which are pictured below. If you click on each thumbnail photo, you’ll be transported to a page with larger photo/s and more details about each pattern — either the pattern itself (for patterns that are available through our website) or information about where to get the pattern (for patterns that are available from other publications.)

We make many free crochet flower patterns available, and this page also includes some information about crochet flower patterns you can buy.

Several of these flowers are appliques, which you can use for embellishing other items — items you crochet or knit, or perhaps even sewn items such as jeans, sweatshirts or pillows that you can buy at the store. The flowers can also make nice hair accessories if glued or stitched to headbands, barrettes, hair clips, etc.

Free Crochet Flower Patterns

In our opinion, crochet is an ideal medium for transforming yarn or thread into flowers. There are many different approaches you could take, but one of the most popular is beginning with a center ring, and then crocheting your flowers in the round. This page includes many examples of flowers you can crochet using this method.

Free Crochet Daisy Flower Pattern

Crochet Daisy Flower -- Free Pattern

Crochet Daisy Flower — Free Pattern

This daisy is super easy to crochet in the round using two colors of yarn or fiber. The free crochet daisy pattern is available on our website — just click the daisy photo above to go to the free crochet pattern.

Check Out More Crochet Daisy Patterns

Daisies are some of the simplest, yet prettiest, flowers to crochet. This list of crochet daisy patterns includes a couple of beginner-friendly suggestions, plus a few that are fancier and more complex.

Crochet Sunflowers

Sunflowers have inspired a number of noteworthy artists and artisans over the years. Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflowers immediately come to mind, but there are zillions of others who have portrayed the simple sunflower in paint, ink, or fiber. Would you like to be one of the next artisans to join this distinguished group? If so, you are invited to grab any of our sunflower patterns, pictured and linked below.

More Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Easy Crochet Flower Motif Pattern

Easy Crochet Flower Motif: Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Flower Motif: Free Pattern

This cute, simple crochet flower is lovely if you make it to use on its own; you can use it exactly as is, and it works beautifully without any additional embellishment. However, I think it’s even better if you embellish it. You can add surface crochet slip stitch details to it if you like; the flatter portions in the center of the design make the ideal backdrop for this. You can see an example in the photo below; check out the yellow stitching around the button center on the green flower at the right-hand side of the photo.

OR, alternatively, you can use this flower as a layering piece for constructing eye-catching, three-dimensional, layered flowers. Check out a few examples below, and then please also be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this page to see even more pictures and ideas for ways to use this design.

Easy Crochet Flower Motif Examples

Easy Crochet Flower Motif Examples

Small Crochet Flower With Popcorn Stitch Petals — Free Crochet Pattern

Small Crochet Flowers With Popcorn Stitch Petals

Small Crochet Flowers With Popcorn Stitch Petals

This cute little crocheted flower is only two rounds — but despite being a relatively quick and easy project, the finished results are really appealing. When their own, I think these little flowers are fabulous additions to baby projects.

You can also layer these cute little flowers on top of other flower appliques to make a vividly detailed, three-dimensional flower. I frequently use this flower along with the easy crochet flower motif pattern, above, to create three-dimensional effects. This works best if you place an eye-catching button or another pretty bauble over the center.

Flat Multicolored Crochet Flower Applique: Free Pattern

Crochet Flower Applique: Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Flower Applique: Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet and texture automatically go together; even the flattest of crocheted pieces has a bit of texture and dimension. That’s the case with this lovely flower applique. It lies reasonably flat, which makes it ideal for stitching onto many different types of surfaces. Yet it’s also pleasantly textured, as crochet should be.

I’ve crocheted my sample flower applique using several different colors of Cascade 220. If these shades of blue and green don’t strike your fancy, please feel free to experiment with other colors – and for that matter, other brands or fibers as well. For this project, you can raid your scrap yarn stash to get your materials.

Free Abstract Crochet Flower Tutorial

Abstract Crochet Flower Tutorial

Abstract Crochet Flower Tutorial

Multicolored Scrap Yarn Flower — Free Crochet Pattern

Multicolored Crochet Flower Motif -- Free Crochet Pattern

Multicolored Crochet Flower Motif — Free Crochet Pattern

These cute little flowers are a fantastic way to use up all the extra-short bits and pieces of scrap yarn you may have hanging around in your yarn stash. This is a free crochet pattern.

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Crochet Flowers FAQs:

How do you crochet a simple flower?

Answer: Choose any of the crochet flower patterns above with a skill level rating of “Easy”; then just follow the pattern instructions to crochet the flower. If you’re a beginner, you can consult our guide to crochet for beginners if you need help getting started.

How do you crochet a pretty flower?

Have a look at all the pictures above and choose one that you think is pretty; then navigate to the crochet pattern for that flower and follow the pattern instructions to crochet the flower.

What can you use crochet flowers for?


There are zillions of different ways to use crochet flowers. The following are a few ideas you might want to try:

  • Pin them to hats or headbands — crocheted, knitted or otherwise. Crocheted flowers make super cute accents for crocheted or knitted hats and headbands, but you can also pin or sew them to just about any light to medium weight woven cloth hat you buy at the store.
  • If you’ve made three-dimensional crocheted flowers with stems, you can group them together in a vase to create a fanciful flower bouquet.
  • If you’ve made flat flower appliques out of crochet thread or fine yarn, you can use them for card making and scrapbooking accents.
  • Pin them on a lapel to wear as a brooch.
  • Decorate your crocheted pouches with them; this works for knitted pouches too.
  • Hot glue a magnet on the back of your flower to use it as a fridge magnet or locker magnet.

How do you crochet a layered flower for beginners?

This is easy!

Just find 2 or 3 patterns for flat flower appliques where the finished flowers are close to the same size, but not quite the same size, when they’re crocheted with the same yarn. Then simply crochet each of the flowers in colors that complement each other; stack them on top of each other; and stitch them together, possibly using a button in the center to complete the look. Check out a few examples:

Layered Crochet Flower With a Fancy Button in the Center

Layered Crochet Flower With a Fancy Button in the Center

There are also other possible ways to approach this. You could use a crocheted flower as the first layer, and then layer other things on top of that. For example, if you also do paper crafts, you could raid your paper craft supplies for things like felt flowers, ribbons and fancy brads to use. You could tie ribbon bows to use as a top layer, or stab a brad through all the layers of your flowers to secure them and act as a flower center.

One more possibility: You could take the same flower pattern and crochet it once in a thicker / heavier yarn and a second time in a lighter weight yarn, with a smaller hook. Then layer those two pieces together with the lighter weight flower on top. Here’s an example of how that could look:

Layered Crochet Flower With Spiral Button Center

Layered Crochet Flower With Spiral Button Center

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By Amy Solovay

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a crochet pattern designer, craft blogger and educator who learned to crochet as a young child. She holds a degree in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, and she spent about a decade working in the textile industry. She taught apparel marketing, trend forecasting and textile design courses to aspiring fashion industry professionals at California Design College. For five years, she worked as the Crochet Expert at, a web property owned by Dotdash Meredith, which is America’s largest publisher. Nowadays, she helps crafters improve their skills, and she teaches creative people how to earn income with crafts.

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