Happy Planner Stickers

All About Happy Planner Stickers and Happy Planner Sticker Books: What They Are; Where to Buy Them; and Ideas for What to Do With The Stickers You Get

A company called “Me and My Big Ideas” (also known as “MAMBI” manufactures an exceptionally popular product line known as “The Happy Planner”. Their Happy Planner line includes many accessories including sticker books, sticker organizers and related products. MAMBI actually started out as a manufacturer of stickers for scrapbooking and paper crafts — so they are really knowledgeable about sticker manufacturing.

Happy Planner stickers come packaged in various formats. They sell sticker value packs that typically have 30 pages of stickers. Usually each sticker book has its own fun or creative theme that is likely to appeal to a specific subset of their customer base. For example, there are sticker books designed just for teachers, students, pet owners, moms, working women, crafters, fitness buffs, savers, meal planners, gardeners, etc.

A teacher’s sticker pack will typically have stickers that only teachers would really use — for example, there might be stickers that say things like “Grades Due Today!” or “Parent-Teacher Meeting”. The sticker books for pet owners will frequently include sticker reminders for “Veterinarian Appointment” or “Groomer’s Appointment”. The stickers for fitness buffs will typically include habit trackers for tracking workouts as well as encouraging stickers that you can stick in your planner to help with daily motivation for keeping at it, even when you don’t feel like it.

This level of detail and customization is one of the main reasons that the Happy Planner is so popular. You have options for stickers that are totally specific to your lifestyle and rather than being bland and generic. There are stickers that are funny and have loads of personality, and others are beautiful or motivational or encouraging; there are plenty of choices, all of them designed to help you navigate through life in a way that maximizes your productivity, fun and happiness.

Happy Planner Seasonal Stickers

Some of the Happy Planner sticker value packs are intended to be seasonal stickers that you add to your planner to indicate holidays and special occasions. If you want your planner pages to look festive and Christmas-y in the month of December, filled with rainbows and flowers during the spring months and decorated with pumpkins and leaves on autumn days, you’d definitely want to consider picking up a Happy Planner seasonal sticker book.

BIG Happy Planner Stickers

Happy Planners are designed in specific sizes, formats and layouts. You’ll get the best bang for your buck if you choose a sticker book that’s specifically designed for the size of your planner. BIG Happy Planners are US letter size (8.5″ x 11″), and the stickers in the BIG Happy Planner sticker books are specifically designed to fit this size.

Classic Happy Planner Stickers

Many of the Happy Planner sticker value packs are designed to fit the Classic size of the Happy Planner. IF a sticker book you’re considering doesn’t specify that it’s a big or mini size sticker book, it’s most likely a classic size.

Happy Planner Mini Stickers

The Mini sized Happy Planner sticker books are designed to fit the smaller, mini sized Happy Planners.

Other Products That Can Include Happy Planner Stickers

Beyond just the sticker books, some of the other Happy Planner products also come packaged with stickers. The Happy Planner Undated Calendar Extension Packs frequently include date stickers and number stickers to help you easily label your monthly and weekly calendar pages. The Happy Planner Companion packs and Accessory Packs sometimes include one or more sticker sheets; these frequently also include other useful accessories such as folders, dry erase pages, extra fill paper or sticky notes. There are also smaller sticker packs that cost less than the larger value packs but include just a few pages of stickers. So if you aren’t inclined to spend the money it takes to buy a value pack of 30 stickers, you can spend less and still have some fantastic stickers to add to your planner.

Ideas for How to Use Your Happy Planner Stickers

  • Journal with stickers. Click here for more detailed info!
  • Place appropriate themed stickers at spots where they will remind you about things you need to remember. For example, place “vet appointment” stickers, “dentist appointment” stickers or other stickers on dates when you have an appointment with one of your service providers. Stick “deadline” stickers on dates where you have work deadlines, school papers due, etc.
  • Mark birthdays and holidays with seasonal themed stickers.
  • When you make a mistake in your planner, simply find a sticker that’s the same size as the box you’re writing in and stick it over the mistake. Then re-write what you were trying to write but this time write it on your sticker, and the mistake will be invisible.
  • You can use date stickers, letter stickers or other stickers to reuse and re-date old planner pages that you no longer need.

Where to Buy Happy Planner Stickers

Another Helpful Product: The Happy Planner Sticker Guide

Any kindergartener can stick stickers, so you wouldn’t think that sticking stickers would be a big deal at all. However, it can be trickier than you think to make your planner layouts look sophisticated, artistic and grown-uppish. It’s all too easy to succumb to a phenomenon that scrapbookers refer to as “sticker sneeze” — where you have all these stickers that really don’t harmonize and end up just looking silly or childish.

MAMBI makes sticker planning guides that can help with this. The sticker planning guides are clear sheets that you can use for laying out your sticker placements before you actually stick your stickers directly to your planner pages. You can move your stickers around and get them just the way you like them before you commit to your final sticker placement. A lot of planner users find that these guides help them to save money by avoiding wasted stickers and ruined planner pages — so if you use a lot of stickers on your planner pages, this is definitely a recommended purchase.