DIY Christmas Candy Cane Dispenser Craft Project

Free Instructions for a Crocheted Candy Cane Dispenser With Ribbon

Christmas Candy Cane Dispenser: Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions

DIY Christmas Candy Cane Dispenser – Candy Canes and Curly Ribbon Form the Focal Point of This Fun Craft Project. At First Glance, You Might Not Notice the Crocheted Container that Is Holding the Whole Arrangement, but It’s an Essential Part of the Design.

This Christmas candy cane dispenser is a fun and affordable way to use our free instructions for how to crochet a box shape. Using dollar store supplies, you can dress up the crocheted box shape to make this project. These make great gifts, but they’re also fun to keep and use.

Supply List:

  • Completed crochet craft foam block cover (requires yarn, crochet hook and tapestry needle.)
  • Candy canes, or similar candy. Mine came from the Dollar Tree store, but you can buy candy canes at many different stores.
  • An abundance of curly ribbon – a 3-pack of premade curly bows was used in the sample. I purchased them at the Dollar Tree store, but many stores sell this kind of ribbon. Or you could curl your own ribbon using scissors if you prefer.
  • 1 block of floral or craft foam. The foam shown in the sample measures 3 7/8” x 3 7/8” x 3 7/8” (98 mm x 98 mm x 98 mm)
  • Glue / adhesive
  • Materials for weighing down the crocheted box (I used a rock for this purpose.)

Project Instructions:

  • Crochet the box shape
  • Weigh down the foam as shown here:
Weigh down the foam by inserting a rock or other weight into the block of craft foam.

Weigh down the foam by inserting a rock or other weight into the block of craft foam.

  • Put the weighted foam inside the crocheted box.
  • Glue or adhere the ribbons to the top of the block of foam, arranging them so they cover it as much as possible.
  • Use a sturdy metal crochet hook to gouge holes in the craft foam. Then stick the candy canes into the holes you made. I used a size H hook, and it was about the right size for the candy canes I bought. If you use a hook that’s too big, your candy canes might wobble.
  • Use and enjoy, or give the completed candy cane dispenser as a gift.


So there you have it: That’s how to make your own Christmas candy cane dispenser using yarn plus a crochet hook and some dollar store craft supplies. I hope you’ll enjoy making (and using!) this project, and that you’ll have a blessed holiday season this year.


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Posted By: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 8-9-2021.