Andean Treasure DK Weight Baby Alpaca Yarn by Knit Picks

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Andean Treasure Sport Weight Yarn by Knit Picks

Andean Treasure DK Weight Yarn by Knit Picks: OK, here’s the deal with the weight on this yarn: You can see that the ball band on this yarn clearly says sport weight, NOT DK weight. However, the manufacturer, Knit Picks, re-classified the yarn weight based on customer feedback. There is essentially no difference between the older balls of this yarn (labeled as being sport weight) that I still have stashed and am reviewing here, and the newer balls of this yarn that you will receive (labeled as DK weight) if you place an order for it right now.

Andean Treasure is a sophisticated Peruvian baby alpaca yarn that comes in stylish, wearable, nuanced heathered shades. Pictured above, you can see how the “Verdant Heather” color looks; it is a subtly heathered green that complements many of the other colors in Andean Treasure’s available color palette.

(Please keep in mind that yarn colors might not appear exactly, precisely correct on your monitor because differences in computer monitor calibration make it hard to communicate colors with a 100% reliable degree of precision.)

According to Knit Picks, alpaca retains body heat to a greater degree than wool yarn does, so you can make a surprisingly warm, cozy project with this weight of yarn.

If you’re making a project that you (or someone) will wear right next to your (their) skin, this is exactly the yarn you’d want to use. It will make delightful scarves, sweaters, and accessories.

This yarn felts if agitated excessively or exposed to dramatic temperature changes. In cases where you want a felted project, this is an excellent yarn to consider using.

The yarn itself is gift worthy, and you can also use it to knit or crochet gift worthy projects for your inner circle.

I’ve crocheted with this yarn, and I found it delightful to work with. However, I haven’t had a chance to see how it holds up in the long term. I will update this review when I have more information to share.

Overall, I think the yarn is lovely, and it is an outstanding value for the money. I recommend it to other crafters.

Where to Buy Andean Treasure Yarn

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By Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 5-15-2024.