DIY Christmas Giftwrap Idea for 2 Irregularly-Shaped Items

Every so often, I have to giftwrap irregularly-shaped items. You too? Bummer. In the beginning I thought it was kind of a pain, but I’ve discovered some little tricks and tips that have made the process easier for me. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you too.

DIY Christmas Giftwrap Idea for 2 Irregularly-Shaped Gifts

Gift Wrapping With Dollar Store Supplies:

Most, but not all, of the supplies I used for wrapping these gifts came from the dollar store. The dollar store closest to me usually has a decent selection of wrapping papers, ribbons, bows and greeting cards to choose from. So if you don’t already have a closet full of these types of items standing by, I suggest a trip to the dollar store to see if you can find some cheap giftwrapping materials there.

Supply List:

  • 2 different, but coordinating, colors and styles of tissue paper (mine came from the dollar store.) It’s helpful to have one solid paper and one patterned paper, but you could also have 2 solid papers or for that matter 2 patterned papers.
  • Bunches of curly ribbon (also from the dollar store.)
  • Tape (You guessed it — dollar store.)
  • Christmas card — I made mine, but you can also buy this at the dollar store if you like.
  • Mailing box and packing peanuts — Only needed if you are not planning to give the gifts to the recipient in person.

FYI: The contents of my packages were a Tunisian crochet hook (in the smaller package) and a binder-style idea book (in the larger package.) Neither one of these items forms a nice neat rectangle or square. This wrapping method is nice for using with 2 irregular items that are distinctly different sizes from each other, meaning that one is noticeably smaller than the other.

Giftwrap Instructions:

  1. Wrap the larger 2 of the items in the solid-colored tissue paper, or whichever of your papers is the least “busy” / least eye-catching.
  2. Wrap the smaller of the 2 items in the patterned tissue paper, or whichever of your papers is the most eye-catching / “busiest.”
  3. Tape the smaller package on top of the larger package.
  4. Stick bunches and bunches of curly ribbon to the top of the smaller package.
  5. Write your greeting inside your Christmas card.
  6. Tape the Christmas card to the packages overtop of the curly ribbon. I didn’t put mine in an envelope, but you can if you want to. If you do, you may wish to put the recipient’s name on it, and to decorate the front of the envelope.
  7. If you’re mailing the package, place it inside its mailing box, add any additional packaging materials necessary, and seal it up. Take it to the post office and send it in time for Christmas!

Here’s hoping the recipient will enjoy your gift!

Where to Find More Excellent Giftwrap Ideas

Home Candle Making by Stephanie Rose, published by Leisure Arts

Home Candle Making by Stephanie Rose, published by Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts has a lovely new series of books called the “Make & Give” series. This series is remarkable because each book in the series includes lovely, gift-worthy craft project ideas — plus giftwrap and gift presentation suggestions for each project. I LOVE these ideas! So far, I have 3 of the books in the series, and I recommend all of them. Check ’em out:

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