StazOn Ink Pads for Stamping on Metal, Plastic, Acrylic, Leather and More

StazOn Is the Best Ink I Know of for Stamping on Acrylic and Plastic:

StazOn ink pads are unique because they are formulated for stamping on non-porous surfaces and semi-porous surfaces. Most rubber stamping ink pads will not work with metal, acrylic, leather, shrink plastic, glazed ceramic tile, glass, laminated paper, and similar surfaces; StazOn ink stamps perfectly on all of these surfaces. This ink is acid free and archival quality, which means that it is safe to use in heritage scrapbooks or any project that you want to last for many years.

How To Use Stazon Ink:

Stazon Ink Pad in the Olive Green Colorway Plus a Clear Acrylic Heart Shape by Clear Scraps That Has Been Inked With StazOn

Stazon Ink Pad in the Olive Green Colorway Plus a Clear Acrylic Heart Shape by Clear Scraps That Has Been Inked With StazOn

If I don’t need a specific rubber stamped image to appear on my project, I often just grab a cotton swab and use it to apply StazOn to the surface where I want ink. Like this:

Applying StazOn Ink to an Acrylic Shape Using a Cotton Swab

Applying StazOn Ink to an Acrylic Shape Using a Cotton Swab

Otherwise, to use StazOn ink for creating a stamped image, apply it to your rubber stamp by rubbing the stamp on the inkpad, and then stamp with it on the surface of your choice. You will want to wait up to 5 minutes for it to dry on non-porous surfaces. If the air is humid, you might have to wait slightly longer; if the air is dry, it will dry sooner.

You can also apply StazOn ink directly to the surface you want to ink. This works best for inking large areas or backgrounds; it is a bit of a challenge to apply Stazon with precision in small areas when the ink is packaged in inkpad form. If you want more precision when you apply StazOn ink, Tsukineko also manufactures StazOn packaged in jars. They have a coordinating product called “Fantastix”; these are ink applicators shaped sort of like crayons. The Fantastix can be dipped in the jars of ink and then used to color your project. So for direct applications where you aren’t stamping your project, if you need more control over where the ink is applied, the jars of StazOn would be a better alternative than the inkpads would.


StazOn does have a distinctive odor, but it could be much worse than it is. I own plenty of solvent-based art and craft supplies that smell even stronger. I’d recommend using StazOn in a well-ventilated area. It would also be a good idea to consider wearing gloves when you stamp with StazOn, but if you prefer not to wear gloves, be careful not to get it on your skin or in your eyes. This ink is not appropriate for use by young children.

StazOn Cleaner:

StazOn is a solvent-based ink. You will need an appropriate cleaner to remove this ink from your stamps or work area; soap and water will not be sufficient for cleaning up after your stamping session. Tsukineko also makes StazOn All Purpose Cleaner, a product that is recommended if you use StazOn inks.

StazOn Ink Color Range:

StazOn ink is available in a wide range of colors. There’s a new product line of StazOn pigment inks, which I haven’t tried yet (but they are a high priority item on my wish list). I have some of the colors in the original color line, such as the olive green color pictured above — which has proved to be one of the most useful ink pads I own. I also use the Timber Brown color constantly; and I also have one of their lighter pastel pink opaque colors, which is my favorite.

I like using StazOn for stamping on clear acrylic albums. Both the regular and the opaque colors work well with clear albums, but I have had better success getting a clean impression with the opaque colors. The opaque colors are gorgeous and also versatile; they are beautiful soft pastels that look fantastic with “shabby chic” style projects, wedding projects, and projects for all seasons.


StazOn inkpads are fantastic, and I am happy to recommend them to other artists and crafters.

Where to Buy Stazon Ink Pads