Best Crochet Edging Pattern Books

Find a Variety of Lovely Crocheted Edgings for Finishing Blankets, Bedspreads, Quilts, Sweaters, Jackets, Linens and Many Other Craft Projects

If you want your craft projects to look professionally designed and made, crochet edgings give you a unique and beautiful way to finish them off. Edgings are appropriate for finishing many different types of craft projects: crocheted, knitted or sewn throws, blankets, bedspreads, quilts, sweaters, jackets, linens, tablecloths and much more. If you want to find spectacular crochet edging patterns for these purposes or others, you’re going to love the books you’ll find included on the following list of the best crochet edging pattern books.

1. The Beaded Edge

The Beaded Edge Crochet Pattern Book Published by Interweave

The Beaded Edge Crochet Pattern Book Published by Interweave

Turkish women use delicate beaded edgings to decorate their head scarves. This book was inspired by those fascinating and creative accessories, but you’ll want to use these edgings on many types of projects beyond just scarves. The book includes an overwhelming number of creative ideas for applying beaded edgings to clothing, accessories and home decor items.

This book includes both symbol crochet charts and written text instructions, plus there are abundant color photographs showing you ideas for how to use the beaded edgings presented in the book.

This book is unfortunately now out of print — but you can sometimes find copies of it for sale on the secondary market.

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2. The Beaded Edge 2

The Beaded Edge 2: A Bead Crochet Pattern Book Published by Interweave

The Beaded Edge 2 Is One of the Best Crochet Edging Pattern Books We’ve Come Across. It Includes Some of the Most Spectacular Bead Crochet Edging Patterns We’ve Ever Seen.

The Beaed Edge book proved to be so popular with crafters that the publisher created a sequel known as The Beaded Edge 2, pictured at right. This book is every bit as lovely and useful as the first book was.

This book is one of the most inspiring crochet books in our craft library. It features some beginner-friendly patterns, so even if the thought of bead crochet intimidates you, you’ll definitely want to check this book out!

3. Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

Melissa Leapman's Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters, Published by Creative Publishing International / Quarto Books

This book is a crochet stitch dictionary by Melissa Leapman, a famous crochet and knitting pattern designer who has been supplying crafters with patterns for more than a couple of decades. The book has an entire section devoted to edging patterns, and it includes many other types of stitches too. One important note about this book: None of the edgings have corners. The patterns work best for finishing projects where you need a straight-across edging: sheets, pillowcases, boot toppers, sweaters, etc.

These are our picks for the best crochet edging pattern books. We’re sure there are many other fantastic edging pattern books we missed out on seeing, so this is not a comprehensive list. However, we can vouch for these particular books because we’ve actually worked multiple edging patterns using the patterns they contain. We can confirm that the instructions are workable and of excellent quality. Please be sure to see our detailed book reviews of each title for more specific details.

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