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Do you ever take your crochet or knitting projects on the go with you? Perhaps you get together with other crafters for charity crochet / charity knitting sessions, or you attend Stitch ‘N’ Bitch groups or another similar sort of meet-up. Or maybe you just like to have your latest project handy so you can keep your hands busy when you’re early to a meeting, watching a game, hanging out with friends or out and about.

Artbin Yarn Drum: A Project Bag for Knitting and Crochet

Artbin Yarn Drum: A Project Bag for Knitting and Crochet

The ArtBin Yarn Drum -- It's a Yarn Organizer, Crochet Project Bag and Knitting Project Bag

The ArtBin Yarn Drum Is a Yarn Organizer, Crochet Project Bag and Knitting Project Bag — All in One. Here you can see the Yarn Drum in action. It's storing 2 of my works in progress plus 8 balls of Cascade 220 yarn. In the mesh pocket we have Crochet Lites crochet hooks, small steel crochet hooks, a pair of Clover bamboo knitting needles, an official Easyloop Yarn Tool for Fauxchet, a cable needle and a random mix of aluminum crochet hooks.

If you ever have a need to take some yarn with you when you head out the door, the Yarn Drum by ArtBin is a product you’ll want to know about.

The Yarn Drum is a cylinder-shaped yarn and project container that zips open and closed by means of a double zipper. It has reinforced openings in the top that are suitable for feeding yarn through. This allows you to zip the yarn inside the drum while you’re crocheting or knitting. You can set the Drum on the floor or on your seat beside you, and you won’t have to worry about the yarn rolling around all over the place.

The Yarn Drum is a useful project bag even if you keep your crafting at home. It can help you keep your supplies and works-in-progress neatly organized. It could make a fantastic addition to your existing yarn organization system (if you have one), or you could use one or more of these yarn drums to create a new yarn organization system from scratch if you don’t already have a good system in place for storing and organizing your yarn.

The Drum also helps to hide your yarn from any nearby kittens or toddlers. It makes a good deterrent and can help to deflect attention away from the yarn, minimizing the numbers of attacks your yarn will suffer. (Anyone who has dealt with kittens or toddlers likely understands that yarn attacks cannot be completely eliminated, but this does help substantially.) It’s also a good way to protect your yarn from cat hair, dog hair, etc.

The openings in the top of the Yarn Drum accommodate super long knitting needles or Tunisian crochet hooks if you want to store those inside it along with your yarns and/or works-in-progress.

One of the Yarn Drum’s best features is an open mesh pouch on the outside. You can use this for storing your sundries like crochet hooks, cable needles, stitch markers, tape measure, pens, pencils and other tools.

Dimensions of the ArtBin Yarn Drum

The Yarn Drum stands 12 inches tall. Measuring across the top, I came up with an approximate diameter of about 10 1/4 inches. Measuring around the top of the bag, I came up with an approximate circumference of about 33 1/4 inches.

Best Uses for This Craft Organizer

The ArtBin Yarn Drum can do double duty as a crochet project bag / knitting project bag and yarn organizer.

As far as project bags go, this one is best-suited to holding substantial but not gigantic projects. For example, it could hold all the yarn you need to make most baby blankets, but it’s not going to hold all the yarn you need to make a large afghan for the master bedroom.

If you do a lot of crocheting and / or knitting, the Yarn Drum might be just what you need for organizing your scrap yarn — especially if you like to make granny squares on the go.

If you enjoy loom knitting, the Yarn Drum could be a good carrying case for some of the smaller looms that are available, along with your loom picks, yarn and the other supplies you’d want to use for loom knitting. This project bag is not big enough to easily hold my largest knitting looms, but it is satisfactory for holding and organizing my smaller looms.

Things I Like Best About This Craft Organizer

The Artbin Yarn Drum Can Be Collapsed to Save Space When It’s Not in Use.

  • The Yarn Drum is specifically intended for use by crochet enthusiasts and knitters, and it’s designed with our needs in mind.
  • The Yarn Drum collapses into a compact little shape that barely takes up any space when it isn’t in use.
  • The Yarn Drum has both a handle and a long strap. The strap clips onto Drum in two different ways if you want to take it somewhere, and you can remove the strap if you want to when you aren’t transporting it anywhere.
  • The strap is sturdy and adjustable. You can lengthen it or make it shorter as needed.
  • You can clip both ends of the strap to anchor points on the top of the bag if you prefer to carry it upright. Or you can clip one side of the strap to the top of the Drum and the other to the side at the bottom if you want it to hang sort of like a short duffel bag.

This Craft Organizer Is Unsuitable for…

  • holding nothing more than a one-skein project; it’s too big a bag to bother with if you only want to carry along a skein of yarn — unless you plan to fill the bag with a few other essentials. The Yarn Drum is prone to collapsing if the bottom of it isn’t filled. If you want to carry a one-skein project along with you, try the Mini Yarn Drum instead.
  • holding the largest knitting looms that are available. I tried putting in a round loom measuring 12 1/4 inches in diameter to see if the Drum could hold it. It does fit, but it fits awkwardly, with a bulge in the sides of the Yarn Drum. I wouldn’t recommend it for holding a loom of this size, and think it is wise to find a different storage solution for any looms that large.

Would I Buy More of These Organizers?


I often have multiple major crochet and knitting projects in progress, and it can be a challenge to keep track of them if I don’t make a careful effort to do so. Having several ArtBin Yarn Drums on hand would help me simplify this process. If you often work on several sizeable projects like shawls, sweaters, granny square blankets or baby blankets, you’ll be likely to benefit from owning multiple Yarn Drums.

Each Yarn Drum could hold one project while it’s in progress, the accompanying yarn for completing it, the knitting needles or crochet hooks you’re using, and the pattern (assuming the pattern is in a typical paperback book or magazine and not an oversized hardcover book).

Would I Recommend These Organizers to Friends?


If you craft with expensive yarns and you have kittens, cats or small children who are prone to ruining your projects, the Yarn Drum is a wise investment that could pay for itself easily. Even if you don’t, this handy container would be a convenient addition to your craft supplies stash, and it’s well worth its asking price.

Where to Buy the Yarn Drum Knitting and Crochet Organizer

There are many online retailers and brick and mortar stores that stock the ArtBin Yarn Drum. Here are links to a few of our favorite places you can buy these outstanding yarn organizers:

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