Scrapbooking Patterned Paper Review: Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper 10

Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper 10: 12"x12" Geometric and Watercolor Washes Scrapbooking Paper in Pastel Colors and Bright Colors

Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper 10: 12″x12″ Geometric and Watercolor Washes Scrapbooking Paper in Pastel Colors and Bright Colors.

If you’re looking for a 12″x12″ scrapbooking paper in pastel colors, you might want to check out this gorgeous new paper designed by Paige Evans for Pink Paislee, which is an American Crafts brand. It’s from the Bloom Street collection. One side of the paper features a geometric design with a multicolored diamond design. The diamonds are various shades of pink, blue, green, yellow and other colors.

The other side of the design features soft watercolor-y washes of color in pastel shades of predominantly blue, turquoise and green. If you enjoy having a watercolor / mixed media background for your scrapbooking layouts or other paper craft projects, but you’d rather not mess around with painting watercolors yourself, then this paper is likely to be exactly what you want for some of your projects.

Ideas for Using the Bloom Street Paper #10 by Paige Evans for Pink Paislee / American Crafts

I ordered 2 sheets of this beautiful patterned scrapbooking paper, and I LOVE IT! The side with the watercolor washes is PERFECT for scrapping the outdoorsy layouts that I tend to make most frequently — where I want the paper to coordinate with the sky and the grass in my pictures. If would be interested in making a scrapbooking layout featuring one or more photos that feature both blue sky and green grass, whether they were taken in your backyard or while you were on vacation at some interesting location, the watercolor-y side of this paper is likely to be a fantastic choice of backgrounds for your layout.

The other side of this paper is super pretty too. There are zillions of possible ways to use it, but I’d personally cut out small bits of it to use as accents in various projects.

Other sorts of paper crafts Projects you might want to use this paper for:

It’s a no-brainer to use this paper for making scrapbooking layouts, mini albums, and other similar memory keeping projects, but there are many other types of projects where this paper would be an ideal choice:

  • Card Making: This paper is the ideal weight to use for making handmade greeting cards. You could cut it down to the size you need and use it for card fronts, or you could also use it for making card bases. The watercolor-y side would be beautiful on the inside of a card, and the diamond side would be GORGEOUS on the outside of a card.
  • Journals and Journaling: If you have a daily journal, art journal, gratitude journal, travel journal or other type of journal, this paper would make a lovely addition to your journal pages.
  • Planners and Calendars: If you keep a planner, you might like to use bits and pieces of this paper as accents for your planner layouts.
  • Mixed Media projects
  • Collages
  • Book binding projects
  • Altered art projects
  • Art Trading Cards (ATCs) / Art Cards Editions and Originals (ACEOs)

Country of Origin

Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper #10 is made in the USA. If you live in the United States, buying this paper helps to support your local economy, and it’s also comparatively better for the environment than buying paper that has to be transported halfway around the world.

The Verdict: I HIGHLY Recommend Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper #10 by Pink Paislee / American Crafts!

This is GORGEOUS paper that is easy to use, high quality, made in the United States and offered at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for? The 2 sheets of this fabulous paper that I bought are not enough for executing all the ideas I have for it, so I will most likely buy more of it. I recommend it to other scrapbookers and paper crafters, too.

Where to Buy Paige Evans Bloom Street Paper #10

There are bunches of different places where you can buy Paige Evans Bloom Street Papers, including this one. I got mine at, and I highly recommend buying it from them if your local stores do not have it in stock. Tap / click here to shop for this paper at

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