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Adult Coloring Books and Supplies by Leisure Arts

Adult Coloring Books and Supplies by Leisure Arts — Pictured here, in addition to the Daily Inspirational Easel Flip Book, you can also see The Colors of Nature adult coloring book, a 60 pack of double-ended artist markers and a 30 pack of brush-tipped markers. click here to find more adult coloring supplies by Leisure Arts and other manufacturers.

Coloring is a popular kids’ craft, but kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy coloring. Lately, adult coloring has been one of the hottest craft trends going. Adults love coloring too, for countless reasons:

  • Coloring is relaxing.
  • Coloring doesn’t require any special genius or skills. Anyone can enjoy success with it. No classes or lessons are required.
  • Coloring offers an easy creative outlet that doesn’t require too much energy or brainpower — and you end up with a truly satisfying project when you’re finished.
  • Coloring is affordable, in contrast with some creative hobbies that require a sizable investment to get started.
  • Coloring is fun!

If you’re interested in coloring for adults, the following coloring books and coloring instruments are ones you might enjoy:

Coloring Books for Adults

The Colors of Nature: A Color, Draw and Sketch Book for All Things Wild and Free

By Lindsay Hopkins

This versatile book can be many things to many people. It is primarily a coloring book — but it is also a drawing pad, sketch book and nature journal. There are text entries educating you about various plants and flowers and how to draw them, along with step-by-step tutorials that will empower you to draw various types of botanical forms. The book also includes places to color, sketch and write down your own observations. On some of the coloring pages, you’ll find occasional feel-good, happy quotes about flowers and botanicals from literary greats and noteworthy artists like Hans Christian Anderson, Henri Matisse and Claude Monet.

This is my new favorite coloring book. I’m really enjoying all the beautiful features included in this book — and Lindsay Hopkins has a new fan as a result (me!) If you have an interest in learning how to draw flowers, or you have an interest in coloring botanical forms, I am betting you will really enjoy this book, too.

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Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book

This pretty book is both a coloring book and a display easel. The pages are printed on both sides — one side with a color print of a motivational quote, and the other side with a line art coloring page of the same print. You can choose whether to display the ready-made print or color your own colorway of it for display.

This book is lovely, and I also find it to be totally encouraging and empowering. I am really enjoying my copy of it. If coloring is your art form of choice, I’m positive you’ll love it, too.

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Coloring Markers for Adults

Adult coloring books tend to have much finer details than kids’ coloring books do. This means that you’ll most likely want to try using something a little more sophisticated than your kids’ Crayolas when you color in your own coloring books. Markers are one possible choice for this.

There are zillions of different kinds of art markers available for sale. If you aren’t sure which markers you want to try, take a look at the following suggestions:

Leisure Arts Brush Tip Markers – 30 Pack

Leisure Arts brush-tipped markers are ideal for coloring pages that have both fine details and larger areas of color that need to be filled in. The brush tip allows you to get quite detailed, but it is also a reasonably efficient way to color larger areas.

I have the 30 pack of brush-tipped markers, and I love the available color range. There’s a satisfying range of vibrant colors available including red, oranges, pinks, greens, blues, purples, grays and browns.

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60 Pack of Double-Ended Markers by Leisure Arts

Update 7-23-2021: It appears these markers are no longer available at the manufacturer’s website. You can click here to shop for other similar options.

Double-ended markers are useful because they can be used to draw both finer lines and thicker lines. In the case of Leisure Arts double-ended markers, neither end is all that thick — so this particular set is best used in coloring books with lots of fine details. This set includes an extensive, eye-popping range of beautiful bright colors — pinks and greens, blues, purples, oranges and more. This set is just what you’d want for casual coloring if you want to work on floral or motivational coloring pages like the ones I’ve pictured above.

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So now you’re updated on my current picks for adult coloring books and supplies. I hope you found this information helpful. Happy coloring!

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