Crochet Mitten Patterns

Where to Find Crochet Mitten Patterns for Your Entire Family and All Your Friends!

It’s easy to find excellent mitten knitting patterns, but truly outstanding crochet mitten patterns are harder to come by. If you’re hoping to crochet mittens for yourself or for anyone you know, I invite you to consider the following crochet mitten patterns:

1. Hats, Scarves & Mittens for the Family: 4 Matching Sets in Vivid Colors

Hats Scarves & Mittens for the Family, a Crochet Pattern Book Published by Annie's Crochet

Hats Scarves & Mittens for the Family, a Crochet Pattern Book Published by Annie’s Crochet

Do any of the people in your family need a new pair of crocheted mittens? And as long as you’re thinking of crocheting mittens, how about making a matching hat and scarf, too, so your loved one has a complete set? Would you be interested in crocheting any of these types of accessories in a classic design style featuring shell stitches, post stitches, or crocheted cables? If these sorts of crochet projects sound interesting to you, there’s a crochet pattern book you’re likely to be interested in checking out. It’s called Hats, Scarves & Mittens for the Family.

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2. Crochet Fair Isle Mittens: Beautiful Designs With Super Comfy Linings

Crochet Fair Isle Mittens Book

Crochet Fair Isle Mittens Book

If you want to crochet mittens that look like you used the Fair Isle knitting technique, I think you’ll be really excited to learn about this amazing book called Crochet Fair Isle Mittens: Beautiful Designs Including Super Comfy Linings. I think this book will be of particular interest to people who don’t feel like hassling with sets of double-pointed knitting needles (the tools most frequently used for knitting mittens). Using just one single crochet hook and two or more colors of yarn, you can crochet mittens or other projects that resemble Fair Isle knitting.

Mittens aren’t the only crochet projects you can create using this colorwork technique, but they’re fantastic to start out with because they don’t require a huge time commitment for making — and they’re super useful and gift-worthy. You can never have too many pairs of mittens — but if you do somehow manage to make more pairs of them than you really need, they make lovely gifts for the people you know.

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So there you have it: That’s my roundup of crochet mitten patterns.

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