Flower Crafts

Flowers are some of the best-beloved motifs for artists and crafters all over the world. If you’re wondering how you can use fresh flowers in art, or if you’re in search of ideas for crafts inspired by flowers and botanicals in any form, you’ve come to the right place! You just hit the jackpot if you’re hoping to find ideas for making flower crafts for adults, flower crafts for kids or flower crafts for just about anyone of any age. We offer you simple flower crafts, real flower crafts, faux flower crafts, DIY flower arranging ideas, crochet flower patterns, and more. Read on for bunches of easy flower craft ideas that anyone, anywhere can make.

DIY Flower Arranging

Kids and adults can both try their hands at DIY flower arranging, but this is a flower craft idea that’s best attempted by kids who are old enough to be trusted with scissors and wire cutters. If you have small children who aren’t capable of using these tools, they can certainly have some fun with flowers; you can always just let them loose in the yard to pick fresh flowers and put them in a cup or vase. If you’re looking for more structured ideas that are best-suited for older children and adults, we invite you to check out our page of DIY Flower Arranging Ideas.

Pictured above: DIY Sunflower Edible Arrangement (Idea and Free Instructions)

Dried Flower Crafts

Dried Flowers Crafts: Art Trading Cards With Dried Flower Decoupage Motifs

Dried Flowers Crafts: Art Trading Cards With Dried Flower Decoupage Motifs

If you’re hoping to find ideas for real flower crafts made using dried flowers, dried flower petals, dried leaves, dried ferns and other dried botanicals, you’ll probably be interested in our page of dried flower crafts ideas. This page includes ideas for simple flower crafts such as dried flower bouquets, dried flower wreaths, and decoupage art using dried flowers.

So there you have it: Those are our ideas for flower crafts. We hope this helps you understand what crafts you can do with flowers and how you can use flowers as inspiration for just about any type of craft projects.

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