Where to Find 6×8 Page Protectors for Scrapbooking

Need Page Protectors for Your 6″x8″ Scrapbook Album, Binder or Memory Book? Here’s Where I’ve Been Finding Them in Stock Lately:

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to find 6″x8″ page protectors in stock? I certainly have. Frequently in the recent past, when I have tried to buy single-pocket 6×8 page protectors, they have been out of stock at many of my favorite craft stores and paper craft supply retailers. If you’ve been similarly frustrated by out-of-stock notices on the page protectors you want to buy for your scrapbooking projects, I invite you to check out the following stores for this popular size of scrapbooking page protectors:

6×8 Page Protectors Available for Sale at A Cherry on Top Crafts

It is hit or miss whether 6×8 page protectors will be available for sale at A Cherry on Top at any given time. However, it is worth checking there first, because I have noticed that even when they sell out, they usually restock quickly. CLICK OR TAP HERE to see your options for 6×8 page protectors that are currently available at A Cherry on Top.

6×8 Scrapbooking Page Protectors Available at Scrapbook.com

If you like pocket scrapbooking, and you’d be interested in buying pocket pages that have openings for various photo sizes, Scrapbook.com is a fantastic source for those. If you’re hoping to find single-opening 6×8 page protectors, your number of options is a little more limited; they are out of stock on a lot of their most popular 6×8 scrapbooking page protectors. You can check availability using the following links:

Brands That Make 6×8 Page Protectors Available for Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts:

My Story Book 6″x8″ Pocket Pages by Echo Park

If you’re trying to add pages to a standard 2-ring 6″x8″ binder such as the Simple Stories SNAP (SN@P) Studio Collection binders, the Carta Bella binders or the Scrapbook.com 6″x8″ binders, you’ll want to consider taking a look at the My Story Book 6″x8″ Pocket Pages by Echo Park. These are made from high-quality, tear resistant material that will keep your pages safe from wear and tear. I have bought bunches of these pages, and I can highly recommend them. These are also available in other sizes, too.

Refill Pages for 6×8 Sn@p Flipbook Albums

The Sn@p Flipbook albums are different than the Sn@p 6×8 2-ring binders, and they each take different types of refill pages. The Sn@p Flipbooks kind of remind me of ultra-nice report covers, like the kind you used to submit to your instructors in high school or college.

If you have 6×8 Sn@p Flipbook albums that need extra pages, you can probably find those available for sale at A Cherry on Top Crafts. There are other sizes available on these, too, and A Cherry on Top typically carries a great selection of the refills in all the available sizes.

49 and Market 6×8 Page Protectors

49 and Market’s 6×8 binders ARE NOT STANDARD 2-RING BINDERS. Instead, they have six rings arranged in a configuration that is unique to their albums and page protectors. So, unless you have a matching 49 and Market album, please do not buy these page protectors; they will not fit in most other 6×8 albums. They absolutely DO NOT FIT the Simple Stories 6×8 Sn@p albums, the Carta Bella 6×8 albums or the Scrapbook.com 2-ring binders.

The 49 and Market page protectors are available in 2 different refill packs:

  • The “Everyday Basics” pack includes two different page protector styles: 6 of them are single-pocket page protectors measuring 6″x8″. 6 of them are divided in half with 2 different openings for 4″x6″ photos or journaling cards.
  • The “Mix It Up” pack also includes two different page protector sizes which are in interesting, eye-catching mixed configurations. 6 of them have a mixed layout of 2″x2″ photo pockets plus vertically-oriented 3″x4″ photo pockets. The other 6 of them include a highly unusual 6″x2″ strip plus photo pockets that fit pictures measuring 4″x3″ and 2″x3″.

I have these albums and their corresponding page protectors, and LOVE them! I’ve tried both the Everyday Basics and Mix It Up refill packs. I love both of them, but I find that the Everyday Basics packs are far easier to use. I’d only recommend getting the “Mix It Up” packs if you have photo editing software you can use for manipulating your photos to the right size and shape.

You can do this for free, even if you don’t have Photoshop, but it does take time to do it. You can download Gimp (which is a free, open source download) and do your photo editing in that program. You can make photo collages of varying sizes that add up to 4″x6″ photos and then upload those to your photo printer. Then when you get the pics back, you can cut them apart so they fit in the pockets. That’s a lot more work than just uploading 4″x6″ pics and scrapping with those, but it also makes for far more interesting pages.

So there you have it: Those are some of the best options I’m aware of for finding 6×8 scrapbooking page protectors for sale, available and in stock right now. I hope you were able to find some fantastic page protectors to use for keeping your scrapbooking layouts and pages safe and well protected.

Posted by: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 1-2-2023.

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