Best Crochet Classes in 2024

Find Recommendations for the Best Crochet Classes in 2024 and Beyond.

Are you hoping to improve your crochet skills in 2024? There are many possible ways to achieve that goal, but crochet classes give you one of the easiest and most straightforward solutions.

There are many worthwhile crochet classes available to choose from. It can be a little overwhelming trying to choose just one of them to get started with. The following crochet classes are ones we’ve taken and can recommend:

Learn How to Crochet Corner-to-Corner With Sarah Zimmerman’s C2C Crochet Class

Corner to Corner Crochet Class From Sarah Zimmerman and Annie's

Corner to Corner Crochet Class From Sarah Zimmerman and Annie’s

The lovely people over at Annie’s have produced an amazing series of crochet classes. You have many options for wonderful classes to take from them. Awhile ago, I had the opportunity to view their Corner-to-Corner Crochet Class. Sarah Zimmerman is the instructor, and she is clearly an expert at that technique. I wrote an in-depth review of the class, which you can view HERE, but the short version of my review is that the class is definitely worth taking.

Originally, Annie’s offered these classes on DVD and also through their online portal. Nowadays, DVDs aren’t so popular, so they might be a bit harder to find — so classes through the online portal are probably going to be your best bet if you want to attend this class.

Learn to Crochet Ripples Class With Sharon Silverman

 Learn to Crochet Ripples Class With Instructor Sharon Silverman

Learn to Crochet Ripples Class With Instructor Sharon Silverman

In this value-packed class, you learn how to crochet ripples, chevrons, zigzags and waves — PLUS you get instructions for making FIVE different projects that use these techniques. The projects include a blanket, tote bag, cowl, scarf and washcloth. You get a whole lot for your money with this class! I highly recommend it to other crafters.

So there you have it: Those are my recommendations on crochet classes that can help you take your crochet skills to the next level. I hope you found these recommendations helpful. If you have feedback on any of these classes, or you have other class recommendations to share, I welcome your comments in the comments area below.

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