Kitchen Crafts

Imagine how much more cozy, unique, charming and functional your kitchen could be if you were to knit, and crochet and craft some useful new items for it — perhaps new rugs, curtains, placemats, coasters, potholders, dishcloths, scrubbies or other kitchen decor items. Sound appealing? If so, check out the following kitchen craft projects. Most of the projects on the list are crocheted items with free patterns or instructions available — but we’ve also included some particularly outstanding kitchen craft projects from books that we think are truly worth buying.

Recycled Kitchen Crafts

Recycle Your Old Fabrics to Make Farmhouse-Style Rag Rugs for the Kitchen

You can take stuff you don’t need any more and upcycle it to make lovely kitchen craft projects. For example, it is possible to use your old sheets or clothes and transform them into fabric strips you can use for crocheting a kitchen floor mat or even a larger rag rug. Get a free crochet rag rug pattern HERE.

Crochet Scrubbies Are Quick, Easy and Affordable Kitchen Craft Projects

Crochet Scrubbies Are Quick, Easy and Affordable Kitchen Craft Projects

If you save your produce bags (you know, the mesh bags you get from the grocery store if you buy big bags of oranges, lemons, limes or other produce?) then you can upcycle those by making them into crocheted scrubbies and pot scrubbers.

Scrubbies are super useful kitchen craft projects; they make dishwashing a snap!

If you’re in need of a new scrubbie for getting the stuck-on gooey gunk off your pots and pans, I hope you’ll consider making your own rather than buying one at the store. I also hope you’ll feel good about the frugal aspects, the earth-friendly aspects, and the creative aspects of some of these projects. In many cases, you can upcycle plastic grocery bags or produce bags to use for making your scrubbies. This saves money PLUS keeps old bags out of the landfill, PLUS allows you to use your creativity, all at the same time.

Pictured above are a couple of the scrubbies you can make with the patterns included on the list.

Crochet Potholder Patterns for the Kitchen

Kitchen Crafts: Crochet Potholders

Kitchen Crafts: Crochet Potholders

Potholders are fun and useful projects to make for the kitchen. They’re ideal craft projects to make when you need quick gifts or when you want to try out new crochet stitch patterns and color combinations. They’re also fantastic starter projects, as they’re quite forgiving of uneven stitches and mistakes. They don’t have to be beautiful to be useful — but of course, you can make some truly gorgeous potholders with either knitting or crochet. Enjoy the following free crochet potholder patterns:

Free Hot Pad and Trivet Patterns

The potholders listed above can also be used as hot pads. Here are a few additional hot pad patterns and trivet patterns for you to consider.

Dishcloth Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Kitchen Towels With Knitted or Crocheted Edgings

Kitchen towels are useful to have on hand. I like adding crocheted edgings to woven towels to make them extra special — but you could also add knitted edgings if you prefer. We offer patterns for both.

Placemat Patterns

Placemats add a touch of charm to your kitchen table, while at the same time protecting it from spills and scratches.

Crochet Coaster Patterns

Coasters come in handy in the kitchen and any other room in the home where people might want to set down a beverage. If you’re interested in making durable, washable coasters, crocheting them is a great idea.

Matching Kitchen Sets

Color Mix Afghan Stitch Crochet Projects: Kitchen Set With Potholders and Dishcloth

Color Mix Afghan Stitch Crochet Projects: Kitchen Set With Potholders and Dishcloth

Knitting and Crocheting for the Rest of the Home

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