Do I Have to Buy a New Happy Planner Every Year?

The Happy Planner is a discbound planner system that allows you to add pages and remove them as often as you like. The manufacturer, known as “Me and My Big Ideas” (AKA “MAMBI”), makes many extension calendar packs and additional accessories available. This means that you DO NOT have to buy a New Happy Planner every year. You can simply remove expired pages from your Happy Planner, buy an extension pack to cover future months, add those pages to your planner, and keep using the same Happy Planner you’ve already set up.

However, depending on your circumstances, you might find it easiest to simply buy a new Happy Planner for each year. So far, the Happy Planner calendar extension packs I’ve come across have all been undated — so for your Happy Planner to continue being useful, you will most likely have to spend some time adding the months and dates to the calendar pages of your extension pack. The Happy Planner extension packs I’ve seen have typically included dated stickers to help you with this. If your phone or computer has a calendar feature, you’ll be able to just copy the calendar for the next year when you update your Happy Planner’s calendar pages. So it isn’t an impossible task; it’s just a bit time consuming to take care of.

Alternatively, you have the option to buy a new, dated Happy Planner for the following year. For many people, this would be the quickest and easiest option — but if you’ve already made zillions of customizations to an existing Happy Planner to get it just the way you like it, you might find it to be quicker and easier to date your calendar pages and add them rather than redoing your whole planner. It’s totally up to you to decide which approach would work best for your needs.

Over to You:

So which do you think is the best approach: buying a new Happy Planner, or taking the time necessary to update the one you have? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 10-30-2021.

4 thoughts on “Do I Have to Buy a New Happy Planner Every Year?

  1. Loralee R. Thomas

    I’m a hardcore environmentalist, and I definitely think it’s going to be better for me to update the planner I have, As it is I’m still going to feel guilty about throwing away all those used planner pages at the end of the year. I have tried to go paperless, and it works for me for most things like bills and communications, but somehow I cannot manage to get anything done when my to do list is in my phone. It has to be on paper and preferably in a planner, or I’m lost. So for me, a reusable planner is at least better than a totally disposable one.

    1. amysolovay Post author

      Thanks for the insights, Loralee. I’m right there with you — need a physical planner to maximize productivity. I agree that the environment is an important consideration when deciding which planner to use. I appreciate your comment.


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