Fiskars Paper Edgers

Fiskars Paper Edgers and Other Decorative Scissors

Fiskars Paper Edgers and Other Decorative Scissors

For Teachers, Card Makers, Collage Artists, Scrapbookers, Paper Crafters, and Artists

This is a product review of Fiskars Paper Edgers. Fiskars Paper Edgers are popular with teachers, scrapbookers, card makers, paper crafters, and mixed media artists.

Paper Edgers are fancy scissors. Unlike regular scissors that cut straight, Fiskars Paper Edgers cut repeating decorative edges. There are a variety of different patterns available, including scallops, ripples, deckles, zigzags, and many others.

Fiskars Paper Edgers have been around for quite awhile; they are a favorite with many crafters. When first introduced, they were trendy. Then the Paper Edgers trend died somewhat. Now Paper Edgers are trendy again, thanks to the trend for scallops, die cut edges, and decorative edges.

Die cut papers with scalloped edges are popular with scrapbookers and card makers right now, but they are expensive. Fiskars Paper Edgers offer an affordable way to get the same look at a fraction of the price. Not only that, you can use Paper Edgers on any paper or cardstock. So, if you have a hard time finding die cut scrapbooking papers in the colors you need, Fiskars Paper Edgers are an excellent way to get the look you want.

Fiskars Paper Edgers are affordable. I have seen them for sale for prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.99. Large lots of secondhand Fiskars Paper Edgers are often available for sale on Etsy.

I use mine excessively, and they have held up well. They still work perfectly, even after years of use and a trip across the Atlantic in a sailboat (for real!)

How To Sharpen Fiskars Paper Edgers Decorative Scissors:

Paper Edgers will get dull after repeated use, but they can be sharpened by cutting through tin foil.

Uses For Fiskars Paper Edgers:

Teachers can use Fiskars Paper Edgers for designing classroom projects, bulletin boards, and stationery items. Scrapbookers can create borders, fancy photo mats, and embellishments using Fiskars Paper Edgers. Card makers can create all kinds of fancy effects to use in their handmade greeting cards. Anyone can create fancy edgings for stationery using Fiskars Paper Edgers. They can dress up papers used for stenciling, decoupage, rubber stamping, collage, art journaling, or other paper crafts.

When Not To Use Fiskars Paper Edgers:

If you ask seasoned scrapbookers to list common beginner’s mistakes in scrapbooking, decorative scissors are often mentioned. Some scrappers say that they regret cutting cherished heirloom photos with their decorative scissors. With that in mind, I recommend that you think carefully before you cut photos with decorative edged scissors. If the photo is digital and you can print more copies of it, it’s not such a big deal. If it’s your one and only copy of the photo and the film has been long lost, I’d advise not cutting it. If you do decide to cut a photo, plan your cuts carefully. Use a straight edge as a guide when you cut to avoid ruining the photo with an imprecise cut. Practice cutting with a junk photo before you cut the good one.

Tips For Cutting With Fiskars Paper Edgers:

For best results, use a ruler or straight edge to draw a line on the back of your paper before you cut. Then, cut along the straight line you drew.

You can also affix graph paper to the back of your paper before cutting. Be sure that the Paper Edgers will cut through the paper, the adhesive, and the graph paper. Some adhesives are too thick to cut, but there are many that will work.

Make Paper Flowers Using Fiskars Paper Edgers Decorative Scissors:

I enjoy making paper flowers, and Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers are the perfect finishing touch to the delicate petals on the flowers.

Fiskars Paper Edgers vs. Provo Craft Paper Shapers Decorative Scissors:

I’ve tried both Fiskars Paper Edgers and Provo Craft Paper Shapers decorative scissors. Provo Craft Paper Shapers are nice, but I prefer Fiskars Paper Edgers. I like the design of the Fiskars scissors better; in my opinion, the quality of the Fiskars scissors seems better. Also, Fiskars Paper Edgers are more comfortable to use. It’s not that Provo Craft’s Paper Shapers are bad; there is nothing wrong with them, and I use them (although I did re-sell a bunch of mine.) Most of the designs are different, although there are some similar designs and some overlap between the two brands. So if you use decorative scissors frequently, you might find that you want to own some of both brands. If you only opt to get a pair or two, I’d recommend getting the Fiskars brand.


Fiskars Paper Edgers are versatile tools for scrapbooking, paper crafts, and art. Teachers will find plenty of uses for them too. They are an excellent value for the money; they are high-quality and durable. I am delighted to recommend Fiskars Paper Edgers to other artists and crafters.

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By Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 8-10-2021.