Crochet Blankets

Blankets are some of the best-beloved knitting and crochet projects. There are many reasons that blankets are so popular:

  • They lie flat, which means you typically don’t have to invest a lot of brainpower in shaping them.
  • They don’t have to fit anybody, which means that they are reasonably stress-free projects, especially as compared to garments like sweaters, jackets, skirts and dresses.
  • They’re useful. You can decorate with them, keep warm with them, give them as gifts…
  • It’s lovely to have extra blankets on hand. You can put some in the guest bedroom in case your visitors get chilly. Put others in the family room for family members to snuggle under while hanging out. Of course, keep some in the bedrooms too.
  • Blankets can be made to match any color scheme, any theme, any design style or any décor.
  • You get to make the design choices. Make your blankets stylish, trendy, traditional, country-style, urban-friendly, southwestern, retro, contemporary, romantic, cutesie, mod, outdoorsy, festive, cheerful, colorful, punk, steampunk, or any other style you love. Sometimes you can even combine styles; for example, it’s possible to make a blanket in the country romantic style.
  • You can make blankets in every imaginable fiber you might want: cotton blankets are popular for warm-weather use, and wool blankets are in demand for cold-weather use, but you can also make acrylic blankets, alpaca blankets, novelty blankets and more.
  • Zillions of different blanket patterns are available. (We only show you a small fraction of them on our site, although we are adding more patterns all the time.)

Crochet Blankets

  • Pattern Sampler Afghan — Five sizes are available, including a couple of different baby blanket sizes, plus twin, full, queen and throw sizes as well.
  • Christmas Blanket — Blankets make warm and cozy Christmas gifts, but you can also include them in your own Christmas decorations too. If you’d like to make a blanket with a Christmas theme, this one is a fun choice.

Crochet Baby Blankets

So there you have it: That’s the list of crochet blanket patterns we offer. I hope you found some fantastic blanket patterns to add to your pattern stash!

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