Liquid Pearls 3-Dimensional Paint: Product Review and Project Ideas

Forget Sewing Zillions of Pearls on Your Projects; Try Using Liquid Pearls Paint Instead. It Works for Paper Crafts and Textile Arts, Including Card Making, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media Art, Collage Art, Art Journals, Mandala Crafts, T-Shirt-Art, Wearable Art, Fiber Art, Sewing and Quilting

Liquid Pearls Three-Dimensional Paint by Ranger Industries

Liquid Pearls Three-Dimensional Paint by Ranger Industries

If you’d be interested in finding shimmery, three-dimensional paint that looks strikingly similar to pearls, you definitely need to give Liquid Pearls a try.

This paint is intended for use on paper and fabric, but I’ve also successfully used it on acrylic, too (although I can’t say with certainty whether it will be archival-quality on acrylic, because I used it to make greeting cards, which I have long since sent to other people — so I have no idea how they’ve held up over time).

Liquid Pearls paint is waterproof. If you use it on fabric, it is hand washable. You could use it to enhance your sewing or quilting projects if you need tiny amounts of fabric paint; it isn’t ideal for covering huge areas of material, but it’s great for making small, shimmery, pearlescent accents on your projects.

It’s also ideal for using on paper craft projects such as handmade cards, mini albums, art collages, scrapbook layouts and art journal pages.

How to Paint With Liquid Pearls:

There are multiple ways you could use Liquid Pearls:

  • Use the bottle it comes in as your applicator; just uncap it, turn the bottle upside down and squeeze a little of the Liquid Pearls out onto your project. Easy!
  • Dispense some of the paint onto a painter’s palette and use a paintbrush or sponge brush to apply it to your project.
  • Dispense some of the paint into a shallow dish and dilute it with water for glazing overtop of another painted surface to add a shimmery look.

Project Ideas for Using Liquid Pearls

Embossed Cupcake Birthday Card, Wedding Card or Anniversary Card

Embossed Cupcake Birthday Card, Wedding Card or Anniversary Card

Close-Up Picture of the Embossed Cupcake Card

Here You Can See a Close-Up of the Liquid Pearls; I Used It Directly From the Applicator to Make the Frosting on the Cupcake Shape.

Click here to get free instructions for making this blank embossed cupcake card that you can use as a birthday card, wedding card or anniversary card.


I love Liquid Pearls! While I think it’s expensive, I do think it’s a great value for the money you spend on it. I haven’t used it extensively, but I’ve been pleased with the few projects I made with it, and I plan to use more of it in my future paper craft and fabric painting projects. I’m delighted to recommend it to other crafters, too.

Where to Buy Liquid Pearls Paint by Ranger Industries

There are many places you can buy Liquid Pearls paint by Ranger Industries. If you have a local scrapbook store or craft store that carries it, we recommend shopping for it there. If you prefer to buy it online, there are a couple of great retailers we recommend:

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 9-15-2021.