Freeform Crochet Blanket

Freeform Crochet Blanket

Freeform Crochet Blanket

There are zillions of possible ways to make a freeform crochet blanket. Pictured here, you can see one way to approach it.

I started this blanket by crocheting a bunch of irregular granny-square style patches using random yarns, yarn colors, and fibers. Then I joined them together the best I could, but I quickly discovered that they weren’t easily going to fit together.

Freeform Crochet Blanket

Freeform Crochet Blanket

Well, duh.

In hindsight, it seems completely obvious that random not-squares in random shapes and sizes would not fit together in the neat, tidy way that identical granny squares do.

To solve that problem, I then crocheted smaller pieces that were intended to fit in between the larger pieces and fill in the large gaps. I also added additional stitches and rows in places they were needed to make the existing patches the right sizes and shapes to fit together.

This process took years, mostly because I was in school and had other priorities besides just crochet. I worked on this freeform crochet blanket mostly when I had nothing else better to do.

The Edging for My Freeform Crochet Blanket:

Usually, when I crochet a blanket that features multiple eye-catching colors, textures, or patterns, I tend to choose a simple edging for finishing it. That’s what I chose to do with this particular blanket edging. I worked random, irregular rounds of crochet stitches around the outer perimeter of the blanket. If I’m remembering correctly, I mostly used double crochet stitch for working the edging. It’s possible that there might have been other stitches like single crochet and half double crochet incorporated into the edging as well; it’s been quite awhile since I crocheted this blanket, and at this point, all the precise details have faded from memory.

A Freeform Crochet Blanket = Freeform Crochet Art

When I finished crocheting the blanket, I entered it in the Sweet Briar College student art exhibition. I was thrilled and delighted when the jurors selected it as one of the pieces they wanted to exhibit in the show.

In hindsight, I really wish I had taken pictures of it then, when it was beautifully presented in Babcock Art Gallery. The committee did an amazing job of hanging this very irregular blanket up and displaying it to its best advantage.

The pictures I have posted above don’t really do it full justice. I took these photos right before I donated this blanket to charity. I wanted to take pictures of it so I could remember it, but I was hoping the blanket would bring warmth and comfort to someone who needed it more than I did.

An Important Lesson This Freeform Crochet Blanket Taught Me About Joining Blanket Squares Together:

This blanket taught me an important lesson: DO NOT EVER USE SEWING THREAD TO JOIN BLANKET SQUARES. When you join blanket squares, always use yarn in the same fiber and same general weight category as your actual project. This will maximize the chances that your blanket will wear well and last for the long term.

So there you have it: That is an example of a freeform crochet blanket. I hope you found this example helpful and inspiring.

Over to You:

Do you have questions about freeform crochet, or how to go about using the freeform crochet technique to make a DIY blanket? The floor is open for comments. If you have questions, and I know the answers to them, I will do my best to help.

One other resource you should know about is my page on the topic of freeform crochet and knitting. On that page, I have posted answers to the most frequently asked questions about these freeform needlework techniques. I hope you’ll find that info helpful.

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Unexpected Afghans: A Crochet Pattern Book by Robyn Chachula, Published by Interweave

Thanks for visiting, and happy crocheting!

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