Easy Christmas Tree Ornament to Crochet

A Free Symbol Crochet Chart and Pattern Are Available for This Design

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament to Crochet

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament to Crochet

This cute stuffed Christmas tree ornament is so easy to crochet — and soooo much fun to decorate.

One neat thing about this pattern: you use it to crochet two-dimensional pieces, but the finished ornament is three-dimensional. Think of it as being sort of like a Christmas tree softie, or plush toy, that you can hang up and decorate with.

This is a fantastic project for people who appreciate unbreakable Christmas ornaments — whether you move frequently, you have little kids doing your decorating, or you have cats that climb the Christmas tree and knock stuff off of it, in any case this ornament should be a reasonably safe addition to the decor. This cute crochet project would also make an appealing Christmas gift for any friends, relatives or colleagues who are blessed with kids or overly active cats.

This is also a fun pattern for frequent ornament swappers to work with. You can change the way the tree looks just by varying the embellishments you use. The picture below will help you to visualize a couple of different possibilities, but there are sooooooo many different ways you could style this little Christmas tree…

Ideas for Styling Your Christmas Tree Ornament

Ideas for Styling Your Easy Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

Ideas for Styling Your Easy Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

This Picture Gives You Several Different Ideas for Styling Your Christmas Tree Ornament — We Bet You Could Improve on These for Even More Creative Designs!

List of Craft Supplies You Will Need to Make This Ornament:


Gauge: Gauge is not critical for success with this project. However, you’ll be crocheting this ornament in two pieces, so it is essential that you match your own gauge when you crochet the second piece; it needs to be the same size as the first piece. If it isn’t, it means you’ll have a challenging job of finishing the project.


Project Measurements: The first step in this project is to crochet two flat Christmas tree shapes. My finished tree shapes were made using medium-weight yarn, and each measures somewhere around 5″ x 4″. Your results may vary.

The size of your finished ornament will be based on the measurement of your tree shapes.

Crafting Skill Level:

his is an easy crochet pattern, and the sewing and finishing are easy too.

Both the crocheting and the sewing are easy.

Christmas Ornament Instructions:

Use the symbol crochet chart and pattern to make two matching Christmas tree shapes, taking care to leave extra long tails of yarn for finishing the ornament.

Before you crochet the tree trunk on the second Christmas tree shape, you can add a hanger to the piece by working some additional chain stitches at the top of the piece as you are working round 14. After you make the chain, work a few additional slip stitches into the top of the tree to join the hanger back onto the piece.

Sew the buttons, beads or other decorations onto each Christmas tree shape.

Now thread your needle with your long tails of yarn, and use them to stitch the shapes together — but be sure to leave an opening for stuffing.

Fill the ornament with fiberfill or stuffing material.

Then you can stitch the ornament closed.

Now you can use the ornament for trimming the tree, placing on a door as a door hanger, participating in an ornament swap, or giving as a gift.

Happy holidays!

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About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile manufacturing. She has been crocheting and crafting since childhood, and knitting since she was a teenager. She makes many free crochet patterns available, and she invites you to enjoy using them.

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