Paper Crafts

Humble paper is one of the most versatile craft supplies you could imagine. If you have some paper plus a few other items such as scissors and glue, you can make a delightful variety of paper crafts.

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Card Making

Handmade DIY Wedding Cards

Handmade DIY Wedding Cards

Want to make your own creative greeting cards to give to loved ones on special occasions — or for no reason at all other than fun? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out our page about card making.

Coloring for Adults

Grown-ups can enjoy coloring just as much as children do — especially when you choose coloring books and supplies that are more sophisticated than kids’ Crayolas. If you’re a grownup who’s interested in coloring, check out our guide to coloring for adults.


Hand-stamped details could add a unique touch to any of your paper craft projects, from handmade cards to scrapbook pages to collage art and mixed media pieces.


You can preserve your memories by simply putting them in albums — but if you take the time to add dates, notes, journaling, and other mementos, your memories will be much more meaningful. Learn all kinds of interesting scrapbooking techniques on our scrapbooking pages — find journaling prompts, mini album ideas, page layout ideas and more.

How to Make Collage Art

Collage Art With Antique Postcard: Happy Birthday by Amy Solovay

Collage Art With Antique Postcard: Happy Birthday by Amy Solovay

If you want to use ready-made images to use in artwork, collage is an art form that is likely to appeal to you. However, you do not have to make other artists’ images the focus of your collage art. There are other ways to approach it. For example, you can cut up bits of colored paper and use those like the bits of glass or tile in a mosaic; you can create pictorial or other images using these little bits of paper. To discover more possibilities and ideas, we invite you to visit our pages on the topic of collage art:

Paper Craft Supplies

Various Paper Craft Tutorials and Techniques to Try:

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By Amy Solovay

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile design. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a studio art minor; and she has also obtained another degree in textile design. Amy has been crocheting and making crafts since childhood, and knitting since her teenage years. She hopes you’ll enjoy the paper craft and other craft ideas she has shared here at

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