How to Organize Sewing Thread: Use the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray

Are you having a hard time keeping track of your spools of sewing thread? Do you spend more time hunting for the right thread than you actually spend sewing? Have you ever had to make a special trip to the craft store to buy thread for the project you want to work on, even though you could swear you already have the right thread color at home — somewhere — but you aren’t sure where?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to check out the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray. The Thread Storage Tray is a versatile, heavy-duty sewing thread organizer you can use for organizing your sewing thread intuitively. It has 21 different spindles and 3 different tiers in different heights, so you can easily organize your spools by both color and size.

Artbin Thread Storage Tray

Artbin Thread Storage Tray

Once your threads are organized in the tray, there are different ways you can make the tray accessible for use. You can wall mount the thread storage tray, which is a convenient option if you don’t have a handy table, counter or shelf to put it on. It’s also a smart solution if you have toddlers or cats at home; you can make sure to hang the thread storage tray on the wall out of the reach of your children and pets.

Another option: You can store the entire tray with your organized thread spools inside a craft organizer if that would better suit your needs. 2 of these fit together inside the ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment Organizer; if you don’t need 2 of them, you can put one inside the Super Satchel and have space left over for storing other things like fabric, quilting templates, sewing patterns or notions.

The ArtBin Thread Storage Tray is a heavy, sturdy piece made out of medium density fiberboard (MDF), which is a substance that resembles wood in some ways. It is actually made out of a combination of recycled wood particles, resin and / or other materials.

Things I Like Best About This Organizer

  • The ArtBin Thread Storage Tray is really attractive and stylish. It looks super pretty when it’s loaded full of colorful thread spools. Unlike some organizers that are purely utilitarian, this one will not be an eyesore hanging on your wall!
  • The Thread Storage Tray is designed to enable you to see all your threads at a glance, which makes it really quick to select the right thread and get on with the rest of your sewing project.
  • The product description says you can organize up to 21 different spools of thread in this organizer, but mine is actually holding more than that. I have many small wooden spools, and I’m able to stack 2 of the small wooden spools on the longer spindles. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see that my Thread Storage Tray is actually holding 27 spools of thread.
  • Here you can see my sewing thread organized neatly in the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and the Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers.

    Here you can see my sewing thread organized neatly in the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and the Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers.

  • I like having the option to tuck the thread storage tray inside my ArtBin Super Satchel organizer. I have some gigantic spools of vintage silk thread that don’t fit on the thread storage tray, but everything fits neatly together in the Super Satchel so I have everything in one spot. I love it!

Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy This Organizer

It’s heavy! If you live in a mobile home with flimsy walls, you probably won’t want to mount multiples of these organizers on the same wall. If your walls are really flimsy or you are unable to locate the studs, you probably will want to avoid wall-mounting the Thread Storage Tray in favor of putting it on a shelf or inside another organizer.

Would I Buy More of These Organizers?

YES! Although the thread storage tray is a generous size, my sewing thread collection is larger. I could use another one or two of these to house it all. I definitely want to buy more of these to keep everything organized — especially since 2 of these can be stacked together when wall mounted, or stored easily together in the ArtBin Super Satchel.

Would I Recommend These Organizers to Friends?

YES! I recommend the Artbin Thread Storage Tray to other sewing enthusiasts, quilting enthusiasts and crafters as a good solution for storing and organizing thread.

Where to Buy the Organizer

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