Artbin Mini Sidekick Craft Organizer Product Review

Do you have multiple small balls of crochet thread or scrap yarn hanging around? Could you use a not-too-big but not-too-small portable organizer for storing them in? If so, the ArtBin Mini Sidekick Craft Organizer might be just the storage solution you need. The Mini Sidekick is a versatile, multi-purpose craft organizer that’s not too huge, not too tiny, and just right.

This photo shows the Artbin Mini Sidekick craft organizer loaded full of sewing supplies such as fabric, buttons and sewing thread. It's also a good organizer for knitting and crochet supplies such as scrap yarn or small balls of crochet thread.

This photo shows the Artbin Mini Sidekick craft organizer loaded full of sewing supplies such as fabric, buttons and thread. It’s also a good organizer for craft supplies such as scrap yarn or small balls of crochet thread.

Design and Dimensions of the Organizer

The ArtBin Mini Sidekick craft organizer is made of a hard, rigid polypropylene plastic which will keep your yarn, crochet thread or other supplies safe from rain, water or other hazards like kittycat claws, dog hair, household dust, airborn mold, etc. This organizer has a side opening lid with secure latches and carrying handle. The box measures about 11 inches by 5 1/2 inches by 7 1/4 inches.

Best Uses for This Organizer

  • Crochet and Knitting — For some of you, the Mini Sidekick will be the perfect little catch-all scrap yarn organizer. For those of you who knit or crochet on a daily basis and make dozens of projects each month, the Mini Sidekick might be too small to hold all your yarn scraps; but it could be a good solution if you want to buy more than one of these organizers. If you want to sort your scraps by color, you could buy several of them: one for neutrals, one for reds and oranges, one for greens, one for blues and so on.
  • Rubber Stamping — This organizer is the perfect size for stacking full-sized stamping ink pads. The Mini Sidekick is just what you need for storing StazOn inkpads, Distress inkpads, Brilliance inkpads and other similar inkpads.
  • Card Making, Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts — The Mini Sidekick is the ideal size for bunches of different paper crafting tools. It works well for storing Fiskars Paper Edgers and hand punches, among many others. You could also use it for storing embossing inks, Pearl-ex jars, bottles and tubes of adhesive, rolls of tape or glue dots, and bunches of other paper craft supplies.
  • Jewelry Making — You can store wire, jeweler’s tools, metal findings and numerous other sorts of jewelry making supplies in the Mini Sidekick.
  • Kids’ Crafts or Toys — The Mini Sidekick would make a fantastic home for all kinds of different treasures that kids like to collect. A few that come to mind are kids’ scissors, paste, modeling clay, crayons, markers, PVC mini figurines, and flower looms or small plastic craft looms.
  • This is not a comprehensive list of best possible uses, as I’m sure there are quite a few more I haven’t thought of. This is one of the most versatile craft organizers ever.

Things I Like Best About The Mini Sidekick Organizer

  • It’s portable, thanks to the compact shape and the comfortable handle on top. I can move it easily, whether I want to load it in the car to take my supplies on the go, or I just want to move it out to the kitchen table so I can work on a craft project while I cook dinner.
  • The design of this organizer saved me quite a bit of space as compared against the cardboard box I was previously using to house the exact same amount of crochet thread.
  • I love the translucent plastic, which allows me to see what I have stored inside the organizer without actually having to open it. That’s a real time-saver.
  • It’s secure. The latching mechanism works well and is robust enough to keep the organizer closed, even when it’s loaded with heavy craft supplies like metal wire, metal jewelry findings, jeweler’s tools and similar items.

Would I Buy More of These Organizers?

YES! I have a Mini Sidekick in my craft supplies stash, but my wishlist includes 3 more of them. I’m looking forward to adding more of these organizers to my storage and organization system shortly.

Would I Recommend These Organizers to Friends?

YES! I’d definitely recommend the Mini Sidekick to friends who craft. If you participate in just about any type of arts and crafts, you’re likely to find a good use for these organizers.

Where to Buy the Organizer

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Craft Organizers by Artbin

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This product review was last updated on 8-11-2021.