Artbin Super Satchel 1 Compartment Craft Organizer Product Review

The ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment is a craft organizer that crochet enthusiasts, knitters, weavers, paper crafters, quilters, artists and artisans will all want to know about.

The Artbin Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizer

The Artbin Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizer

Design and Dimensions of the Organizer

The Super Satchel™ 1-Compartment is a large craft organizer made of clear, rigid polypropylene plastic. This box is acid free, which means that it’s safe to use for storing archival-quality items including vintage crochet / knitting pattern books, heirloom family photos, your best artwork, expensive art papers, cardstock, patterned scrapbooking papers and anything else that you wouldn’t want to let acid come into contact with for fear of having the items turn yellow, crumble or decay.

The box features secure latches and a handle for easy transport.

There are several other boxes in the Super Satchel series, and they can all be stacked on top of each other for a craft storage solution that’s customized to your unique needs. Additionally, there’s a storage cube available that can hold multiple Super Satchels, keeping them all neatly organized and accessible. I haven’t ever owned the cube, but would be interested in trying it after I acquire a few more of the Super Satchels to put in it.

The items in the Super Satchel series are sold separately, offering you an easy and low-commitment way to select only the specific pieces you need. As your craft supply stash grows, it’s easy to add additional storage Satchels to your collection. ArtBin is a trusted brand name that has been around for decades; while no one can predict the future with certainty, it’s a reasonably safe bet that you’ll be able to purchase more of these in the future.
This craft organizer measures about 15.25 by 14 by 3.5 inches.

Best Uses for ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment Organizers

Use the ArtBin Super Satchel to Organize Yarn for Crochet or Knitting

Need a yarn organizer to keep your yarn looking nice for your crochet or knitting projects? The ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment is the ideal organizer to use for this purpose.

  • Knitting, crochet and weaving enthusiasts can use the Super Satchel 1-Compartment for storing skeins, hanks and balls of yarn.
  • Loom knitters and weavers can use this organizer for storing some of the knitting looms that are available. It could also work for storing some of the smallest and simplest handweaving looms as well; I have a Japanese plastic toy loom that fits nicely in the 1-Compartment along with its associated supplies plus yarn and other sundries.
  • The ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers

    The ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers

  • Sewing and quilting enthusiasts can use this organizer for storing fabric remnants, pre-cuts, fat quarters, quilt blocks, sewing thread, patterns, zippers, notions and other supplies. If you want to use it for storing thread, you can easily fit two ArtBin thread storage trays (sold separately) in one Super Satchel 1-Compartment organizer.
  • Paper crafters can use this organizer for storing 12″ x 12″ patterned papers, cardstock, scrapbooking layouts in progress, photographs, memory albums, scrapbooking embellishments and more.
  • Fine artists can put this organizer to good use for storing sketch pads, art papers, tubes of paint, paintbrushes and all kinds of other art supplies.
  • Textile artists and surface designers can use this organizer for storing dyes, silk paints, fabric paints, screen printing inks, brayers, printing blocks, fabrics, thread, paintbrushes, embroidery hoops and more.
  • There are bunches of other best uses not mentioned here; the ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment is such a versatile organizer that crafters of all persuasions will find it useful. It’s also fantastic for organizing kids’ toys, office supplies and plenty of other things that have nothing to do with arts and crafts.

Things I Like Best About The ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment Organizer

  • It’s cat-proof; my curious kitty can’t get inside here no matter how hard he tries.
  • So far it has also been toddler-proof; my little niece has not been able to get it open, although I can’t guarantee that it will always be since toddlers do get smarter every day. So far, the Super Satchel 1-Compartment has shaped up to be an outstanding place for me to store pins, buttons and other hazardous little things the kids around here absolutely should not be allowed to get their hands on.
  • I love being able to see the contents of the organizer without having to open it. That saves me bunches of time when I am looking for something.
  • I love it that multiple Super Satchels can easily be stacked on top of each other for space-efficient storage.
  • I love how verstatile this organizer is. I enjoy a variety of crafts, and my craft supply stash fluctuates greatly depending on what projects I have in progress at any given time. There are times I need to store lots of scrapbooking supplies. If I store them in a Super-Satchel, I can re-purpose the organizer after I’ve completed my scrapbook album and no longer need the storage space for holding scrapbooking papers and cardstock. It easily goes from holding paper to yarn to paints and brushes and back again.
  • It’s secure. The latches are trustworthy even when I have heavy wooden spools of thread or a heavy stack of cardstock in the organizer.

Other Observations About This Organizer

The large 1-Compartment Super Satchel is probably more space than you need if you want to store 14″ knitting needles, Tunisian crochet hooks and other needlework tools; for that purpose, the Slim Super Satchel would probably meet your needs better.

For storing crochet hooks and knitting needles shorter than 12″ long, check out the ArtBin Hook & Needle Nook for another fantastic possibility.

Would I Buy More of These Organizers?

YES! I could fill up several more of these organizers easily, and the Super Satchel would be my first choice of organizers to use for storing the supplies I have stashed.

Would I Recommend These Organizers to Friends?

YES! Definitely.

Where to Buy the Organizer

More Useful ArtBin Craft Organizers You’ll Want to Know About:

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More Craft Organizers by Artbin

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  • ArtBin Thread Storage Tray, Item#: 6820AG — Organize your sewing thread intuitively in this heavy-duty thread storage tray. You can wall mount this piece if you don’t have a handy table, counter or shelf to put it on, or you can tuck it inside a craft organizer if that would better suit your needs.
  • ArtBin Mini Sidekick, Item#: 6815AG — This versatile hard plastic caddy is ideal for storing a variety of different craft supplies.

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