Free, Easy Half Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for Beginners

An Easy Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for Beginners

Half Double Crochet Dishcloth Project Photos:

Easy Beginner's Half Double Crochet Dishcloth -- Free Pattern

Easy Beginner’s Half Double Crochet Dishcloth — Free Pattern

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Crochet Skill Level: Beginner.

This Crochet Dishcloth Is a Beginner Level Crochet Project

Beginning crocheters can accomplish two goals at one time with this project: practicing (or learning) your half double crochet stitch, and making a useful project too. The dishcloths you make can be given as gifts or used at home, whichever you prefer.

I hope experienced crocheters will enjoy this pattern too. Isn’t it nice to just relax with an easy crochet project from time to time?

Note to beginners: after you’ve worked your starting chain, the most challenging part of the project is the first row. Why? It’s because it can be frustrating to hold onto your work at that point. If you have friends or family members who crochet, I recommend asking one of them to work the first row for you until you get comfortable with the half double crochet stitch. Once you’ve really got the hang of the stitch, from there on out it’ll be easier for you to get started on your own.

If you don’t know any other crocheters, and you’re on your own for the first row, just hang in there and do the best you can with it. Once you’re past that first row, the rest of the project goes much easier.


Yarn — I used two different colors of Knitpicks Simply Cotton yarn in the sport weight to create the sample dishcloth. “Simply Cotton Sport” is an environmentally friendly organic cotton yarn; it’s soft, but it’s sturdy too. The yarn colors I used for my original sample have now been discontinued; however, this yarn is still available in the undyed colorway, which is both affordable and lovely to work with. I recommend using it for both the main body of the dishcloth and the edging to create an easy, beginner-friendly solid colored dishcloth that won’t require a color change.

For the main color of the dishcloth, I used less than one ball of Knitpicks Simply Cotton sport weight yarn in the color called “Wave”.

The edging around the dishcloth is optional. If you do choose to add the edging, you can use the same color or a contrasting color, whichever you prefer. I decided to use a contrasting color; I used Simply Cotton Sport in the color called “Bermuda.”

Crochet Hook — I used a size G / 4.5 mm crochet hook to make the sample dishcloth.


A tapestry needle for weaving in ends and a pair of scissors.

Crochet Abbreviations:

Dishcloth Crochet Instructions:

ch 25.

Row 1: The first 2 chs count as 1 hdc. Hdc in third ch from hook. Work 1 hdc in each ch st across the row. This gives a total of 24 hdc sts.

Ch 2, turn.

Rows 2 and up: work 1 hdc st in each hdc st across the row. Be sure to count your stitches and make sure you end up with 24 hdc sts total.

Ch 2, turn.

Rep row 2 until the dishcloth is square.

The edging on this dishcloth is optional. The edging is nice to have, but the dishcloth is totally functional without it and could be used at this point if you’re satisfied with it as it is. If so, end off and weave in your ends.

Dishcloth Edging: If you plan to use a contrasting color for the edging, change colors before completing the last step of the last stitch in your last row of hdc. Ch 1 and rotate dishcloth to crochet down the side. Work evenly spaced sc sts all the way around the dishcloth. When you get to a corner, ch 3 and rotate your work; then resume working sc st all the way around. At the end of the round, ch 3 and join to the first sc in the rnd with a sl st.

End off. Weave in all loose ends.

Block if desired; the dishcloth is now ready for use.

Easy Half Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for Beginners -- This is an easy crochet dishcloth pattern for beginners.

Easy Half Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for Beginners — This is an easy crochet dishcloth pattern for beginners.

So there you have it: That’s how to crochet the easy half double crochet dishcloth pattern for beginners. We hope you’ve enjoyed this project. You’re invited to browse the links below to find your next crochet project or craft project to get started on:

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