Embellished Crochet Heart Shape for Making a Love Note Keeper

Free Crochet Heart Pouch Pattern

Free Crochet Heart Pouch Pattern

Update 2-15-2024: I originally shared this blog post on February 24, 2010. I hadn’t thought about it in years, but I am thinking about it today because I have some pretty Valentines that need a “home.” I just went looking for my old love note keepers so I can add my new treasures to the collection. I thought I’d bump up this post and remind y’all about this pattern in case it would be useful to you, too.

Valentine’s Day was fun, and I enjoyed receiving letters, cards and notes from my loved ones. Now that February is drawing to a close, it’s time for me to figure out what to do with all these treasures — they’ve been proudly displayed on my fridge, but I can’t keep them there indefinitely.

Enter the “love note keeper.”

I’ve been working on some ideas for making love note keepers using decorated crocheted hearts. The plan is to stitch two hearts together, leaving an opening up one side for inserting the notes. I’ll be adding a button and button loop for a closure. The top heart will be decorated and embellished, and I might also add some sort of pretty strap for hanging.

I haven’t actually finished my love note keeper quite yet, because I got sort of distracted by all the possibilities for decorating it. I came up with so many ideas I like that I am thinking I might end up making several of them.

The photo you see above is just one idea; I’ve posted a couple more, and I have even more photos that haven’t been uploaded yet. So, please check back soon to see even more ideas!

Update: Love Note Keeper Completed!