Valentine Hearts to Crochet

Hearts to Crochet for Valentine’s Day or Any Time

Valentine hearts, anyone?

  • Top left: I’ve crocheted about a zillion striped heart designs, and this is one possible variation on that theme. To make this particular piece, I adapted my square striped heart pattern and made it round. While I love the look of it, it wasn’t so easy to do, so I never got around to posting the pattern for the round version. For now, I recommend sticking with the square versions of this — but if you are absolutely dying to have the pattern for this round version, please feel free to leave a comment. If enough people want it, I might try redesigning it; as it is, I’m not convinced its worth the effort to make.
  • Middle: This heart is crocheted in 3 different shades of pink wool yarn. You can get the free crochet pattern, the free heart chart, and check out a baby afghan you can make using this design. The baby afghan is, of course, crocheted in a more baby-friendly yarn than the wool pictured here. I also have a free striped heart potholder pattern which utilizes the same heart chart.
  • Top right: This is another heart square that I crocheted using wool yarn. This pattern could work with pretty much any fiber, so you don’t have to use wool if you prefer a different fiber. Here’s a link to the free heart chart for this design.
  • Bottom left and right: The red heart shapes are crocheted using this free heart pattern. I’ve pictured them plain and undecorated in this photo, but you might enjoy decorating them. I have a free pattern for an easy trim with ribbon that I use for this. It’s pictured in the lower edge of the photo, although the photo is so small that you probably can’t see it well. There’s a larger picture of the trim available on the pattern page.
  • Since hearts are one of my favorite design themes, I have hearts coming out my ears! If you’d like to see more options than those pictured here, you’re invited to click on over to our page of free heart patterns. Hope you’ll find a pattern you can use.
  • Thanks for dropping by! Hope you’ll have a fabulous Valentine’s Day. Happy crocheting!

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