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The following crochet designers have contributed content to this website:

Amy Solovay

Amy Solovay is an author and professional textile designer who designs crochet and knitting patterns in addition to textile prints, wovens and circular knits. She is also your hostess here at

Melissa Leapman

Melissa Leapman is a prolific knitting and crochet pattern designer who has authored numerous books. Melissa contributed a fascinating interview to this website on the topic of crochet stitches and more.

Find Selected Reviews of Melissa’s Knitting and Crochet Books Online:

Karen Whooley

If you want to crochet ladies’ garments that actually fit the female figure, you’ll definitely want to check out Karen’s work. Her work is refreshingly different from the boxy, ill-fitting clothing patterns you often see around — in a really, really good way. Her patterns tend to cover an inclusive size range that includes multiple plus sizes.

Karen is an expert at crocheting lacy, pretty things
(especially shawls!) as well as socks, blankets and all kinds of other clothing, accessories and home decor projects. Whether you’re looking for patterns for pocket scarves, baby blankets, skirts or socks, you’ll find some good ones in Karen’s pattern library.

You can find some of Karen’s best tips and hints for beginning crocheters and lace knitting in a brand new interview HERE.

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Sharon Silverman

Sharon Silverman is an author and crochet pattern designer who enjoys creating projects using the Tunisian crochet technique. She has authored numerous crochet books, many of which focus specifically on creating attractive, interesting designs using Tunisian crochet.

Learn More About Sharon: Check out this designer interview with Sharon Silverman.

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Lori Jean Karluk

Lori Jean Karluk has contributed several lovely granny square patterns to our website:

Kristi Simpson

Kristi Simpson has written more than 40 crochet and craft books on topics ranging from baby projects to amigurumi toys to crochet techniques. Kristi contributed a helpful interview to this website on the topic of overlay crochet, craft books and more. Kristi is a mom of 5, and the interview also has some terrific tips on how to make more time for crochet (without abandoning your family) — even if you’re a time-starved mom.

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Alla Koval

Alla Koval is a prolific designer who enjoys crochet, knitting, creating stitch diagrams in Illustrator, cooking and caring for tropical plants. She is the author of a series of crochet pattern books called Imagical Seasons: Crochet Couture for Kids 2-12. There are 4 volumes planned for this series; one for each season in the year. Alla is also the author of numerous crochet patterns.

Learn More About Alla: Check out this designer interview with Alla Koval.

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The following crochet designers have authored books that we’ve reviewed here at

Robyn Chachula

Robyn Chachula is a prolific author and crochet pattern designer who has contributed significantly to our art form. You can click or tap here to find a list of Robyn’s crochet pattern books that I’ve reviewed for this website.

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