Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets Book

8 Classic Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns by Sharon Silverman

Did you know you can do colorwork patterns in Tunisian crochet? Not just stripes, but fair-isle type patterns with mid-row color changes.

Did you also realize you can create Tunisian crochet cables similar to knitted cables? Maybe you’re aware of the popular crochet cable technique using post stitches, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I mean you can crochet real cables using a cable knitting needle.

Have you ever tried crocheting bobbles, chevrons or basketweave stitches in Tunisian crochet?

There’s an outstanding crochet pattern book that can teach you how to do all of these things — and at the same time you’re learning these techniques, you’ll be creating gorgeous baby blankets too. Whether you have an entire nursery that needs decorating or you simply need some impressive baby shower gifts or charity crochet projects to give to others from time to time, this book is an outstanding choice. The book includes both gorgeous crochet baby blanket patterns plus instructions for learning interesting Tunisian crochet techniques.

The book is called Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets. Sharon Hernes Silverman is the author, and the publisher is Leisure Arts. The book features a collection of 8 classic Tunisian crochet baby blanket patterns.

What You Need to Know About This Crochet Book:

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets by Sharon Silverman, Published by Leisure Arts

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets by Sharon Silverman, Published by Leisure Arts

ISBN Number: 978-1-4647-1234-0

Free supplementary crochet video tutorials are available for customers at the publisher’s website.

Please note: I’m reviewing this book in digital PDF format, so I’m not able to comment on aspects of the book like the paper quality.

Number of Pages: 32

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 US dollars / $11.99 Canadian dollars; I think this book offers readers excellent value for its cover price, but you can often buy the book for even less than this price, making it an even better value.

Crochet Skill Level Required: There are 4 easy crochet patterns in this book and 4 intermediate level crochet patterns.

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns Included in This Book:

1. Basket Weave Blocks Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

In this easy pattern you’ll learn how to alternate blocks of Tunisian knit stitch with blocks of Tunisian purl stitch to create an eye-catching textured basketweave design. Subtle stripes in a complementary yarn color enhance this pattern even more.

2. Purple Garden Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

Have you learned the Tunisian full stitch yet? If you have, this blanket is going to be super easy for you to crochet. If you haven’t, this pretty blanket gives you the perfect motivation for learning and practicing the stitch. You’ll be intimately acquainted with Tunisian full stitch when you’re finished crocheting this blanket. The pattern also incorporates traditional crochet stitches as well.

This is an easy crochet baby blanket pattern, and it’s an ideal project for those of you who’d like a relaxing, meditative, repetitious crochet project to work on.

3. Frosted Stitch Crochet Stripes Baby Blanket Pattern:

This baby blanket features columns of cluster stitches alternated with afghan stitch. Color changes create interesting textured stripes, and playful tassels complete two of the edges on this fun blanket.

4. Color Waves Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

Chevrons, ripples and zigzags are perpetually popular with traditional crochet enthusiasts, but you rarely see chevrons and ripples in Tunisian crochet. If you’d like to try a Tunisian crochet chevron pattern, this design is an easy one to get started with. You use 4 different yarn colors to create this undulating multicolored stripe pattern.

5. Bubbling Bobbles Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

An allover bobble stitch pattern contributes touchable texture to this baby blanket, while afghan stitch balances the design out with a flatter border area. The entire project is striped using lovely pastel colors of baby yarn, although you could crochet this design with any yarn colors you like. This design could be really fun if crocheted in bright colors or a combination of brights and a neutral.

This is an intermediate-level crochet pattern.

6. Telegram Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

The focal point of this baby blanket is a dotted and dashed type of pattern created by working Tunisian extended stitch plus an interesting yarn weaving type of technique.

One of the things I appreciate most about this pattern: you don’t have to cut your yarn colors at the ends of your rows; you can simply drop the yarns when you don’t need them and pick them back up again when you do. As a result, you won’t have excessive numbers of loose ends to worry about at the end of the project, which makes the finishing relatively easy and quick to do.

7. Cables & Honeycombs Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

This afghan features a center panel crocheted in a textured honeycomb pattern. The panel is enclosed in a frame featuring columns of cable stitches. You add tassels in the corners to complete the look.

The description of this pattern sounds complicated, but it isn’t as challenging of a design as you might think. This is rated as being an intermediate-level crochet pattern.

I find this pattern quite remarkable for the interesting combination of textures and stitches. After having tried to design this type of blanket in the past, I’m here to tell you that it is not easy to come up with combinations of stitches that work up at the same gauge and can successfully be used together.

I do wish the publisher had chosen to include an additional photo of this blanket in the book. There are two pictures of this design; one is a large photo where the blanket is artistically draped over a chair. The other is a detail shot showing a corner of the blanket. Both pictures are helpful and lovely, but what’s missing is a clear photo showing the center panel of the design.

8. Bright Strands Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern:

The Bright Strands baby blanket by Sharon Hernes Silverman, from the book Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets Published by Leisure Arts. This pink colorway is not pictured in the book; the original colorway shown in the book is navy blue, yellow and white.

The Bright Strands baby blanket by Sharon Hernes Silverman, from the book Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets Published by Leisure Arts. This pink colorway is not pictured in the book; the original colorway shown in the book is navy blue, yellow and white.

If you’ve never tried working a multicolored afghan stitch pattern before, this pretty baby blanket is a good starter pattern for learning the technique. It’s a simple geometric pattern that repeats in a predictable way, yet it’s an attractive design with mass appeal.

As pictured in the book, this colorway of the pattern is ideal for baby boys; it utilizes navy blue, white and yellow. I was convinced this pattern could be equally beautiful as a girl’s baby blanket, so I tried re-coloring it in two shades of pink plus white.

This afghan stitch blanket pattern was assigned a crochet skill level rating of intermediate+, a rating I fully agree with. While this isn’t an easy pattern, it isn’t rocket science, either.

The stranded colorwork technique you use for making this blanket is similar to Fair Isle knitting in some ways. In this project, as in Fair Isle knitting, you gently float strands of yarn across the back of the work while you create the color pattern on the front. I found the crochet instructions for this pattern to be clear and well-written, enabling you to learn this technique intuitively. I also found this technique to be easier than traditional Fair Isle knitting, although your opinion may differ depending on your experiences.

The Best Things About This Book

This book is remarkable for the wide variety of different stitch patterns that have been utilized. Many useful and interesting Tunisian crochet techniques have been condensed into concise, workable instructions in this book. All of these designs are Tunisian crochet patterns, and they’re all baby blanket patterns, but that’s where the similarities end. You could make all of these blankets and you likely wouldn’t get bored with your experience since they are all so different from each other.

There’s a mind-boggling amount of information packed into this little booklet. If you use and absorb it all, your crochet skill set is likely to take a massive leap forward. If you’re interested in mastering the art and craft of crochet, this is definitely a book you’re going to want to own.

These 8 designs will all be suitable whether you want to make them for baby boys or girls. That’s an important selling point for this book, since some competing titles only include designs suitable for baby girls.

Even if you’re expecting a baby girl, it could be wise to invest in a pattern book that offers designs suitable for babies of both genders. You never know when you might want to make a baby shower gift for a loved one’s little boy.

It’s also worth noting that the author of this book has sons, so she is sympathetic to boys’ needs and tastes when it comes to designing crochet patterns for them.

The sample blankets in this book are all made using appealing, harmonious color combinations that are usable as pictured, yet easy to re-color if you have different color ideas in mind. A few of these sample blankets have been made up in blue colorways; you may wish to re-color them if you’re expecting a baby girl, or if you aren’t sure whether a baby boy or girl is on the way.

The stylist has done an excellent job of presenting these baby blankets in ways that will enable you to decide whether or not the designs are ones you’d want to make and use — or give as gifts. The blankets are pictured in nursery settings, and a couple of the shots even include babies. This allows you to get an idea of the blankets’ proportions and visualize how they might look in your own baby’s nursery or the nursery of the baby you’re crocheting for.

I predict this book will stand the test of time and still be usable years from now. These designs are classic in style and unlikely to go outdated any time soon.

It’s a delightful bonus that the publisher has included helpful crochet stitch videos on their website to help you learn the techniques and stitch patterns you’ll need for crocheting these baby blanket patterns.


I think Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets will be an asset in any crochet enthusiast’s library, and I’m delighted to recommend this book to other crafters.

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