Pearl-Ex Mica Powders for Mixed Media Art and Paper Crafts

Pearl-Ex Pearlescent Mica Powders for Mixed Media Art and Paper Crafts

Pearl-Ex Pearlescent Mica Powders for Mixed Media Art and Paper Crafts

Add Shimmery, Pearlescent Accents to Your Art and Craft Projects With Pearl Ex Mica Powders by Jacquard Products

Pearl Ex powdered Pigments have a variety of possible uses and applications. Their primary use is adding metallic shine to art or craft projects. Pearl Ex powdered pigments are color fast and archival-quality. They can be used in heirloom quality scrapbook pages, paintings, or other archival projects. They are appropriate for use in fine art, metal work, sculpture, pottery, glass painting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, home decor projects, card making, and paper crafts

Pearl Ex Pigments Can Be Used on Any of the Following Surfaces:

Paper and cardstock
Polymer Clay
Shrink Plastic (No medium is necessary with shrink plastic if you apply it before shrinking the project.)

There are plenty of other surfaces you can apply them to as well.

How To Use Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments:

For best results, Pearl Ex powdered pigments should be mixed into another art medium and then applied to the appropriate surface. Appropriate media include oil paints, acrylic paints, gouache paints, varnish, clay, and melted wax. You then apply the mixture in the same way that you ordinarily would; for example, if you’ve added Pearl Ex to paint, you can paint with the mixture in the same way that you would paint with plain paint.

Pearl Ex can also be mixed with liquid adhesives such as Mod Podge. I once made a chipboard and acrylic mini album using Mod Podge, Pearl Ex, and Lumiere Metallic Paints (among other things.)

I have also had success mixing Pearl Ex with Zip Dry paper glue, and applying the mixture to clear acrylic albums using paintbrushes and stipple brushes. If you’d like to try this technique, I recommend that you work quickly; like the name suggests, Zip Dry dries quickly. I demonstrate this Pearl Ex technique in a clear Mexico-themed acrylic scrapbook album. (which is temporarily unavailable as the original publisher is updating her website).

Pearl Ex Powders and Embossing:

Some people make the mistake of thinking that Pearl Ex is an embossing powder. Pearl Ex is not an embossing powder, but it can be mixed with clear embossing powder and used for rubber stamp embossing.

More Project Ideas For Using Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments:

Artists can use Pearl Ex powders to spice up still life paintings. If you paint metallic objects like dishes or jewelry, Pearl Ex is a great choice for representing the shiny areas.

Pearl Ex powdered pigments would be particularly lovely when used in seascapes and landscapes, especially landscapes featuring representations of the setting sun.

Pearl Ex is an outstanding addition to abstract contemporary art.

Use Pearl Ex powders when painting unfinished wood or chipboard pieces.

I am sure you can think of plenty more creative ideas in addition to these. Feel free to comment and share suggestions if you know of other interesting ways to use Pearl Ex.

Available Colors of Pearl Ex:

Pearl Ex is currently available in 40 colors. 16 of the colors are what they refer to as “Traditionals”. 16 of the colors are Pearlescent. 5 of the colors are “Interference” colors; the interference colors are particularly cool. They look amazing when paired with darker surfaces. There are also 3 “Duo-colors”. Pearl Ex colors can be mixed together to form an unlimited palette of colors. I often mix Pearl Ex colors together to get the exact color that I need for a project.


Pearl Ex powders are versatile, easy to use, and high-quality. They are an excellent addition to any art or craft supply stash. I am delighted to recommend Pearl Ex pigment powders to other artists and crafters.

Where to Buy Pearl Ex Mica Powders:

More Ideas for Adding Shimmer and Shine to Your Art and Craft Projects

I LOVE Pearl Ex, but it isn’t my favorite shimmery, shiny product. That honor goes to Lumiere metallic paints. Click here to read my product review of Lumiere and find ideas for using it in finished art and craft projects.

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By Amy Solovay

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