One Photo, One Word Digital Scrapbooking Challenge at the Katie Pertiet Designs Blog

The lovely people over at are having a bunch of inspiring digital scrapbooking challenges this month. I’m working on entering a couple of them. Here you can see my entry for their “one photo, one word” Saturday Scraplift challenge. I’m “scraplifting” a layout by a creative team member, Kate, who goes by the username “OKate” (although my layout actually ended up looking more like Wendy’s).

Hiking Around Cat Harbor Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Hiking Around Cat Harbor Digital Scrapbooking Layout. Photo and layout by Amy Solovay. Digital Scrapbooking Supplies by Katie Pertiet Designs.

I found this challenge to be an especially challenging one, because the inspiration project is so clean, simple and uncluttered. In theory, I LOVE the clean and simple aesthetic; I was instantly drawn to the inspiration project. But in reality, I don’t typically make scrapbooking projects that are totally clean and simple. When it comes to scrapbooking layouts, I like having more than one photo on the page, and I like to pile on textures and layers. Beyond that, I probably overdo it with journaling — so asking me to keep it to one word was like asking me to keep it to one chocolate chip cookie.

So yeah, I totally failed at living up to the “one word” part of the challenge. I thought about titling this “Cat Harbor”, but even that shorter title exceeds the one-word limit. And I have a few thousand photos of Cat Harbor to scrap (I probably won’t get to scrapping all of them…but I’m glad to have scrapped this one, which is one of my favorites). If I were to title one of them “Cat Harbor”, it wouldn’t be this one — because I have photos where the harbor is really the star of the show, and this isn’t one of them.

But this is still a huge win, because it dragged me out of my comfort zone long enough to come up with a new layout that I wouldn’t have arrived at otherwise — and it’s one that I LOVE.

My heartfelt thanks to Katie, Kate, Wendy, Liz, Candy, Rae and the rest of the creative team over at Katie’s website. I appreciate the inspiration y’all provide, and I enjoyed this challenge.

Supplies You Need for Creating a Similar Digital Scrapbooking Layout

All the supplies I used for this layout are available at Katie Pertiet’s website. I plan to post a list of them shortly, so please check back if this would be of interest to you.

Over to You:

Did you enter any of the challenges at Katie’s website this month? If so, how did your project(s) turn out? You’re invited to make use of the comments area below.

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