Best Crochet Patterns for the Home

Do you enjoy crocheting for your home? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out our picks for the best crochet patterns for the home. Whether you want to make blankets, throws, pillows, doilies, potholders or other items, there are fantastic options included on this list.

1. Overlay Crochet: 10 Projects Add Dimension and Style to Your Home

Overlay Crochet Book by Kristi Simpson, Published by Leisure Arts

Overlay Crochet Book by Kristi Simpson, Published by Leisure Arts

There are zillions of different books on the topic of crocheting blankets and afghans — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Blankets and afghans are great! But if you’re looking for a pattern collection that gives you choices for home decor patterns beyond just blankets, Overlay Crochet is a book you’ll definitely want to consider. It does include one blanket pattern; it also includes intriguing patterns for making a hassock (they call it a pouf!), a mandala, hand towels, a set of placemats, a set of coasters and a pillow. The only fashion accessory in the bunch is a crossbody bag; the rest of the patterns are for making home decor items.

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2. Crochet Afghan Revival

Crochet Afghan Revival Book, Published by Leisure Arts

Crochet Afghan Revival Book, Published by Leisure Arts

Crochet Afghan Revival, featuring blanket patterns by multiple contributors, published by Leisure Arts.

If you want to crochet blankets or afghans, this book is the one I recommend looking at first. It’s filled with easy and attractive options, with design choices that will work for just about any style of home decor. Whether you want to make granny square blankets, hexagon blankets, chevron blankets, colorful Fair Isle crochet blankets, mosaic crochet blankets or other sorts of blankets, you’ll find suitable options to choose from. There are 40 blanket patterns included in this book, plus several patterns for pillows that match the blankets.

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Mollie Makes Crochet

Mollie Makes Crochet Book — One of the Best Crochet Books for Beginners

Why this book made the list:

  • This is one of the most appealing crochet books I’ve encountered, especially considering that it’s an excellent book for beginners to crochet. It isn’t a brand new book, but it remains relevant and useful several years after its original publication.

Almost all the patterns in the book are home decor items. There are exceptions; the book does also include four patterns for gadget cozies. There are also flower patterns, which could be used for embellishing home decor items, wardrobe pieces or whatever else you want to do with them.

  • In my experience of interacting with crochet enthusiasts, the patterns in this book are exactly what most crocheters want; they’re easy, cute, fun, colorful and appealing.

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Unexpected Afghans

Unexpected Afghans by Robyn Chachula, published by Interweave

This book gives you a spectacular variety of blanket and afghan patterns designed by some of the top crochet designers of the moment. The book includes patterns for making some of the coolest and most impressive blankets I have ever seen. If you’re interested in finding unique and innovative blanket patterns, this is definitely the book for you.


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Those are my suggestions for the best crochet patterns for the home. I hope you found them helpful.

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