Gooseberry Patch Farmhouse Crochet Pattern Book

Did you know that farmhouse style is one of the hottest decorating trends going right now? If you’d like to add some farmhouse style charm to your home décor, check out
Gooseberry Patch’s Farmhouse Crochet book to find 15 delightful, easy crochet patterns.

Farmhouse Crochet Book by Gooseberry Patch, Published by Leisure Arts

Farmhouse Crochet Book by Gooseberry Patch, Published by Leisure Arts

Book Details

Pattern Contributors: Lily Chin, Sarah J. Green, Rita McGrew, Anne Halliday, Sue Penrod, Marion Graham and Joan Kokaska.

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN 13: 978-1-60140-981-2

ISBN 10: 1-60140-981-8

Book Formats:

Number of Pages: 48

Cover Price: $10.95 US dollars

Skill Level: These patterns are all rated as being either “Easy” or “Easy+”. This is an excellent pattern book for beginning crocheters to work from.

The Focus of This Book:

Some of the Crochet Projects Included in Gooseberry Patch's Farmhouse Crochet Pattern Book: Filet Crochet Potholders, Dishcloth and a Colorful Motif Pillow

Some of the Crochet Projects Included in Gooseberry Patch’s Farmhouse Crochet Pattern Book: Filet Crochet Potholders, Dishcloth and a Colorful Motif Pillow

These 15 crochet projects are all items that would be ideal additions to a country-style home or farmhouse. However, the designs are also contemporary and trendy enough to be styled in other ways, so please don’t be put off by the book’s title if you live in the city or the suburbs.

Crochet Projects Included in This Book:

  1. Red and White Dishcloth — This is a pretty but practical project that could help to liven up your daily kitchen chores. Cleaning up after meals is much more fun if you have pretty dishcloths like this one to use.

  2. Filet Crochet Apple Potholder — You can crochet this contrasting design in two layers. The upper layer has the pictorial filet crochet apple design; you’ll want to work it in white or light-colored crochet thread. The lower layer is a solid piece of double crochet stitch worked in a darker or brighter color. The project sample utilizes a green thread for the lower layer and the edging. The end result is a sturdy and attractive potholder that will protect your hands from hot dishes beautifully.

  3. Filet Crochet Cherries Potholder — This design is similar to the apple potholder. The project sample shown in the book is crocheted in red and white thread, and it’s quite pretty.

  4. Colorful Motif Pillow — This pillow is comprised of octagon motifs joined at the sides. The empty spaces are filled with squares of single crochet. The overall look is fun, playful and charming. You could use this pillow to brighten up any bed, sofa, chair or window seat.

  5. Quick Little Apron — They aren’t kidding; this is a super quick project, thanks to the use of a speedy crochet stitch. There are lots of great reasons to want to add this pattern to your crochet library; the apron is easy, cute, colorful and useful to have.

  6. Blossom-Fresh Chair Cushion — This cute design is a variation of the classic granny square. It has wheel-shaped flower motifs in the center of each square, and the squares are joined to create the chair cushion.

  7. Oval Rug — At first glance, this looks like a classic vintage rag rug design. However, it isn’t crocheted with fabric strips; it’s actually made using a couple of strands of bulky weight yarn held together. This makes for a much quicker and easier project than an actual rag rug would be, and it’s just as pretty.

  8. Granny Pillow — This pillow is made using traditional granny squares.

  9. Granny Afghan — This is yet another variation on the classic granny square pattern.

  10. Market Bag — This pretty bag would be a useful and satisfying crochet project.

  11. Quick and Easy Afghan — This is a pretty design that features panels of granny stripes.

  12. Diagonal Texture Pillow — This pillow looks like something you’d see for sale in a chic high-end boutique. It’s hard to believe it’s crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver — although, of course, you can substitute the medium-weight yarn of your choice to make it more luxurious if you like. The pillow is worked using an interesting combination of crochet stitches that includes front post treble crochet stitches.

  13. Checked Pillow — The designer of these pillows, Anne Halliday, has a real knack for making easy crochet designs look sophisticated and expensive. She’s done it again with this fabulous two-color pillow pattern. This reminds me of a Chanel fabric design — yet the project sample was made using Red Heart Super Saver. It’s lovely.

  14. Light and Airy Lap Robe — This pretty blanket almost appears woven unless you’re looking at it carefully.

  15. Yo-Yo Afghan — This is a colorful afghan crocheted by working bunches of motifs and then whipstitching them together. If you’re looking for a project that can be taken along with you on the go, this one is a good one to consider.

The Best Things About This Book

  • It’s rare to find crochet pattern books offering you an abundance of designs that are both easy and drop-dead-gorgeous. On top of that, many of them are also quick projects.
  • This is truly a gorgeous book, with eye candy on every page. The styling is simply wonderful. I wish I could have been around on the day of their photo shoot. There were bowls of luscious fruit; there was cherry pie; there were fresh flowers; and there were amazing crochet projects as the focal point. What more could a crafter want?
  • These are all useful projects, and there are no duds. Every last project in the book would be worth making.
  • Even better, this book delivers all of those things at an affordable price. It’s a gem of a book.

This Book’s Shortcomings

I really didn’t notice anything major that’s amiss with this book. It’s an outstanding pattern collection overall. The only thing I found worth griping about: the finishing instructions for the market bag leave a lot to be desired. I’ll give you a direct quote so you can see what I mean:

“Line and embellish as desired.”


OK, I get it. This is a crochet book, not a sewing book. However, the project sample was obviously lined with fabric. Would it really have been that hard for them to have included at least a few lines worth of instructions on how to approach the task of lining the bag?

But they didn’t do that, so you’re totally on your own with the lining for this bag, if you want one. It’s actually really easy to do, but it could seem like a daunting task if you have never sewed before. If you don’t already know how to sew, you’ll have to either figure it out, ask a friend to help you, leave your bag un-lined, or skip this project.

They embellished their bag by stitching bunches of different buttons onto the outside of the bag. You could do this too, if you like. A couple other ideas: you could embellish your bag with crocheted flowers, or you could pin some fun pinbacks onto it. If you have a favorite sports team, it would be fun to stick your sports team’s pinbacks to the bag. I’m sure you can think of other fun and creative ways to embellish your bag.

Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy This Book

If you’re an advanced crocheter, you may not find much here that will challenge you, and you probably already know how to make some of the easiest projects in the book — like the granny square afghan and pillow. However, if you ever need quick and cute project ideas, especially for making last-minute gifts, this pattern book is probably still worth buying. There are some unique, original projects included that are gift-worthy and work up quickly.


I’m delighted to recommend Farmhouse Crochet to other crochet enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic resource that’s well worth its asking price. I think beginners will find many patterns they want to make. Any crocheter who enjoys quick, easy crochet projects is likely to want a copy of this book to work from.

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