April Monthly Happy Planner Layout Featuring Graphic 45 Papers from the “Time to Flourish” Collection

Here’s a Low-Tech Idea for Creating Your Own Planner Layout for Discbound Planners Such as the Happy Planner, Maggie Holmes Freestyle Planner, Martha Stewart Planner, Arc Planner, Tul Planner, ETC. No Die Cutter Is Needed for Creating This Page Layout.

April Happy Planner Layout Featuring Graphic 45 Papers From the Time to Flourish Paper Pad

April Happy Planner Layout Featuring Graphic 45 Papers From the Time to Flourish Paper Pad

Hello crafty friends!

I originally made this April planner layout in 2022, but I still think it’s pretty and relevant in April of 2023. You can also feel free to use this idea for any month; it’s a totally versatile design.

I took what was supposed to be a daily planner page layout and hacked it to use for monthly tracking.

I have been making these pages for the last several months, and they don’t really work (for me) as intended; I wanted to use them for daily tracking, but I suffer from “Out of sight, out of mind” syndrome — so unless I move the page every day, I end up not using it.

What has been working better for me is to track everything on my planner’s weekly pages, and then use this page at the end of the month to summarize. It is a little more time consuming to do it this way, but it also gives me a better overall perspective on how I am doing and what I need to work on.

That said, I am still on the lookout for better ways to approach this.

Craft Supplies You’ll Need for Making This Planner Layout

  • Graphic 45 Time to Flourish 8×8 Pad — For this particular planner layout, I used the papers for the month of April. The papers in this pad follow the same basic format, so you can make a similar planner layout for any month of the year using the current month’s patterned papers from the Time to Flourish pad.
  • The tracker stamps are from the P13 Tracker Stamp Set.
  • I stamped “2022” using number stamps by Hampton Arts, but you can use any number stamps you happen to have stashed.
  • Page from the classic sized Papillon undated planner or from the Papillon undated extension pack
  • The round sticker is from a Happy Planner sticker book.
  • I have my planner pages on gold metal expander discs, because I really hate the smaller plastic discs that most Happy Planners come with. I think the gold metal discs are a lot prettier, and they are also much sturdier.
  • You can use the paper-friendly adhesive of your choice to put this planner layout together. I used Cherry Tape adhesive, but there are zillions of possible choices that would work well for this project.
  • You’ll also need scissors and a paper cutter, but not a die cutter; you can easily cut everything you’ll need for this layout using either your scissors or a paper cutter.

Thanks for looking!