Cherry Tape Adhesive: Product Review

Cherry Tape Adhesive forScrapbooking, Card Making, Kids' Crafts, and Other Crafts

Cherry Tape Adhesive forScrapbooking, Card Making, Kids’ Crafts, and Other Crafts

Cherry Tape is a premium, double-sided adhesive tape made by A Cherry on Top Crafts. It’s useful for card making, scrapbooking, planner layouts, kids’ crafts and any other paper craft projects you might have in mind. There are multiple widths of Cherry Tape available. You can get super narrow widths to use for attaching skinny little embellishments to your pages; or you can get extra wide widths, which are useful for die cutting or attaching very large elements to your pages.

I LOVE This tape! I have 3 favorite adhesives for paper crafts, and this one tops the list! One of this tape’s main advantages is that you can tear it easily with your bare hands, so you do not need a dispenser to use it. It’s also really sticky, but not TOO sticky; it isn’t designed as a repositionable tape, but you can sometimes manage to move items you’ve accidentally stuck down in the wrong spot without total devastation.

This tape is made in the USA, and it is very high quality.

The tape is acid free and safe to use on scrapbooking layouts and other pages that you want to last a long time.

Every roll of Cherry Tape Adhesive comes with 60 yards of paper-backed tape, which is a LOT! Each roll seams to last me a long time, even though I make massive quantities of paper craft projects. I have reordered this tape many times. It has replaced Scor Tape as my favorite dry adhesive. There are a couple of reasons for this; first of all, Scor Tape is much stickier, which is a disadvantage because I have ruined too many projects with Scor Tape due to elements accidentally being stuck down in the wrong place. With Scor Tape, they will not budge, and accidents are always permanent. Second, I prefer to buy American-made products, and Scor Tape is imported.

My favorite liquid adhesive is Zip Dry Paper Glue. I used to use Zip Dry for everything. Now that I’ve found Cherry Tape, I am only using Zip Dry in cases where I really need a strong solvent-based adhesive — like if I am gluing a plastic item to paper or gluing acrylic items together.

Overall, I highly recommend Cherry Tape to other crafters. I think this is the best dry adhesive currently on the market for paper crafters. I have reordered it many times and will continue to reorder again and again. I love this tape so much!

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