March Garden Journal Pages for Discbound Planners Like Happy Planner, Martha Stewart or Tul

March Garden Journal Pages for Discbound Planners Like the Happy Planner, Martha Stewart Planner, Arc or Tul

March Garden Journal Pages for Discbound Planners Like the Happy Planner, Martha Stewart Planner, Arc or Tul

By Amy Solovay

Happy March, Creative Friends!

Are you planting a garden this spring? If so, what are you planning to plant, and how are you preparing your property for the growing season? Are you starting your own seeds or relying on a nursery to supply starts?

To those of you who are busy gardening this spring, I wish you much success this growing season with whatever it is you have planned. I’m hoping to join in the gardening fun with a modest container garden this year.

Do you plan to maintain a garden journal for recording your gardening successes and failures? If you haven’t created a garden journal, now is the ideal time to get one started. You might want to map out any garden beds you’re building, make a note of the seeds you’re starting, and keep records of what you’re planting, when you’re planting it, and all the other details you want to keep on top of.

I’m gardening in a new-to-me location this year. However, this location’s weather and climate are similar to a place where I’ve gardened before. I kept a garden journal in those days. So, instead of spending hours plotting out companion plants for my planters, I’m simply going to re-use the ideas I worked out last time I was container gardening in that similar locale. That way, I feel as if I already have a head start on what I need to do.

I also have bunches of notes about what NOT to do, because I already tried things that ended up not working. Mind you, I don’t remember any of them because it has been a few years since I did any gardening of any kind. But I don’t need to remember; I took such careful notes that I can just follow them and pick up right where I left off.

If garden journaling is of interest to you, I invite you to check out more of my garden journal pages and read more about my process for making them.

If you maintain a garden journal, I’d love to know more about what you record in it and how it has helped you achieve your gardening goals. What do your garden journal pages look like? The floor is open for comments, so please feel free to ask questions or share insights in the comments area below.

Thanks so much for visiting! I truly appreciate your presence here.

By Amy Solovay

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a longtime paper journaler who started recording her thoughts on paper on a daily basis sometime when she was in middle school. She was born into a family of “green thumb” gardeners; her mom worked for the US Department of Agriculture, and her grandparents grew most of their own food on their expansive farm. Despite those experiences, Amy still has a lot to learn about gardening. She invites your comments on any topics related to gardening, journaling, garden journaling, knitting, crochet or crafts.

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