Crochet Appliques

Appliques are popular crochet projects for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they’re useful; you can use them for mending your clothes or covering holes, tears and stains in them, which can extend their useful life and keep you from having to throw things away prematurely. Beyond that, appliques don’t require significant investment in either craft supplies or time to make — which means you can reap a good return on your crafting time quickly.

Appliques are versatile, and they give you unlimited potential for personalizing different craft projects or retail purchases. They’re a great way to express your personality, your creativity, and your style.

We’ve posted bunches of different patterns for appliques, and we invite you to check ’em out below.

Crochet Flower Appliques

Crochet Heart Appliques

Crochet Snowflake Appliques

Crochet Pattern Books Featuring Wonderful Applique Patterns

So there you have it: Bunches of crochet applique patterns for you to use and enjoy. We hope you found plenty of fun applique patterns to add to your pattern stash.

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 7-6-2021.