Thank You Clear Stamps Set by Waffle Flower Crafts

Clear Photopolymer Stamps for Making Thank You Cards and Similar Craft Projects

Thank You Stamp Set by Waffle Flower Crafts -- Make Thank You Cards Easily With This Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set

Thank You Stamp Set by Waffle Flower Crafts — Make Thank You Cards Easily With This Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set

There are times when you need to send a “Thank You” card:

  • After someone has given you a gift of any kind, you need to acknowledge the gift — whether it was a bridal shower gift, wedding gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, baby shower gift, housewarming gift, etc.
  • After a job interview, you should always, always, always follow up with a thank-you.

These days, people think it’s okay to send an emailed thank-you. But if you really want to impress the person who was kind to you, my opinion is that it is still best to send a snailmailed thank you card.

Of course, you can buy your thank-you card and be done with it. But if you want to make an extra-special, customized thank you card that is one-of-a-kind, specifically for the recipient you’re sending it to, I recommend taking the time to make your own thank you card. BUT please keep in mind that I only recommend doing this if you are willing to make the effort to make your card as nice as or nicer than a store-bought card. It takes a certain amount of skill to make a thank-you card that looks nice enough. This will take some practice to accomplish, so please DO NOT beat yourself up if the first card you make is not perfect. It probably won’t be. But, if it isn’t, please try again rather than sending a less-than-perfect card. It is TOTALLY OKAY to remake the same card a few times until you get it right.

One thing you can do to make the process much, much easier is to get yourself some craft supplies that will save you time. In particular, if you are going to make thank-you cards, I recommend getting yourself a stamp set that is dedicated to making thank you cards. While this is not strictly a necessity — you could use other stamps or other types of supplies for making your thank-you cards — I think it is worth owning at least one stamp set that is specifically intended for making thank you cards. This will be a real time saver over other options such as using letter stickers or an alphabet stamp set to spell out “thank you”.

The stamp set pictured here is by Waffle Flower Crafts, and it is the set I have in my craft supply stash for making thank you cards. I LOVE this set for multiple reasons:

  • The large, clear, easy-to-read font is totally straightforward; the recipient will not have to spend time puzzling over what this sentiment says.
  • There are LOTS of options for personalizing the greeting. You can simply choose which one works best for the thank you card you have in mind.
  • There are even a couple of different options for the main “thank you” sentiment; one of them is solid, which means that you can stamp it in the ink color of your choice. The other is an outline, which means that you can stamp the outline in the ink color of your choice and then color in or fill in the rest as creatively as you like. There are soooooooooooooooo many different ways you could use this, it sort of boggles the mind. So if you want to try some different creative ideas, I think you’ll love playing with this!

If you have a frequent need to make thank you cards, I highly recommend this stamp set to you. It’s an extremely versatile set that is likely to more than pay for itself over time.

If you’re new to card making, there is one other extremely important sort of tool you’ll also need to pick up: a scoring tool such as a bone folder or a Scoring board such as the Scor-Pal tool. You need this to help you make a crisp, neat fold in each card you make. Without a scoring tool, your cards will look amateurish and homemade, because your folds will always look wrong. These days I use a Scor-Pal scoring board for this purpose. I have an older generation version that is NOT as nice as the version they currently offer, but it is amazing compared to the simple, low-tech, cheapie bone folder I used to use. If you just get a bone folder, you will also need a ruler to use for marking your scoring line. It is a LOT easier to use a scoring board, because the tool makes it really easy to get a precise center measurement and score it in just the right place.

No doubt about it, getting started with card making requires an upfront investment in some tools and supplies — but once you’ve made that investment, then you have the option to really save a bundle on your cards. So if you’re serious about making the investment, I think this stamp set is one of the best purchases EVER. I am really happy with my purchase of this stamp set, and I am betting you will be, too!

Where to Buy the Thank You Stamp Set From Waffle Flower Crafts

There are multiple retailers that make this excellent thank you stamp set available. The best price I found for this set is at, where they have it on clearance. I highly recommend buying from them because they have amazing customer service and they ship FASTER THAN FAST!

I am sure they will sell out of these pretty quickly, so if you find they are out of stock on these stamps, I also recommend checking for this set at A Cherry on Top. A Cherry on Top is my other favorite craft store. I buy bunches from them and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their store as well. They have more than just paper craft supplies, and they usually have amazing discount codes. I am usually able to get free shipping from them with one of their discount codes, so if you are planning to buy multiple items, you’ll definitely want to check out what discount codes they are currently offering.

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