Product Review of Pennant Banners Stencils by Waffle Flower Crafts

Waffle Flower Crafts is a manufacturer of craft supplies including stamps, stencils, dies and tools. I’m new to using their products; as far as I can remember, my first purchase from their brand was the “Pennant Banners” stencil set I am reviewing here on this page. The short version of my review: This stencil set is TOTALLY worth the money! Furthermore, it is one of the most useful craft supply purchases I have ever made. I am using this set constantly on a variety of projects: planner layouts, scrapbooking layouts, mini scrapbook albums and DIY greeting cards. It is an extremely versatile set that is fantastic for adding visual interest to multiple projects.

I do not have the matching alpha stamps (although I want them), so when I initially placed the order for this stencil set, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t find much of anything to use these banners with. But that turned out to be a silly concern; I am finding all kinds of things to do with these stencils. For starters, the shapes you make with this set can create wonderful backdrops to put alpha stickers on top of.

You can also stamp other designs on top of the banner images you make using this set. The numbers from the Graphic 45 Calendar stamps set are a perfect fit for these banners, and I have been using these two sets together in multiple projects.

I also got another stamp set that has tiny numbers – the Echo Park If I turn the longer, rounded stencil from this set on its side, I can stamp “2022” on it, and then use the stamped year in my planner and on scrapbooking layouts. I love the look of it!

I really appreciate it that you get both the positive and negative space outlines with this set. However, right out of the package, there are rough spots where the inner shape is attached to the stencil. You will have to deal with this if you want to get a clean outline when you use the stencil, but this is really no big deal at all; you just take a narrow nail file (or some distressing tools work for this too) and sand down the rough spot on each side. Spending the few minutes to do this will ensure that your stencil impressions are cleaner.

Another one of the things I really appreciate about this stencil set: There is ample room in between the designs so that you can use one design without it getting crowded (or messed up) by the others. If you want to use sprays or other messy media with these stencils, you’re sure to appreciate this aspect of the set. Some other stencils I have, you have to take extra steps to avoid getting ink or spray into the adjoining images on the stencil. This one is easier to use than some of the other options I’ve tried.

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase. Considering how happy I am with this, I will be back to buy more Waffle Flower Crafts products in the future. I highly recommend this stencil set to other crafters.

Posted By: Amy Solovay

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