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UPDATED 2-11-2024: To the very best of my present knowledge, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available. If you are considering a purchase of this product on the secondary market, i.e. on ebay or etsy or a garage sale, I would urge you NOT TO BUY unless you can verify that the ones you’re considering are still in usable condition. These ink pads are old and are quite likely to be dried out. Unless you have a reinker you can use with them, they will probably be useless to you. I invite you to check out my list of the best ink pads for paper crafts to find ideas for possible substitutes.

Cat’s Eye Fluid Chalks are tiny ink pads that are useful for paper crafting, rubber stamping, scrapbooking, altered art, and mixed media. These ink pads measure about two inches long, an inch wide and an inch deep. Their unique shape allows them to be used for inking the edges of most papers, even papers that are die cut, scalloped or irregularly shaped.

When you apply Fluid Chalk ink to your project, it will add a lovely matte layer wherever you use it. The name “Fluid Chalk” is definitely appropriate; these inks give the same kind of effect that you could expect from artist’s chalks, only Fluid Chalks are more permanent and less prone to fading. Chalking has been a popular technique with scrapbookers and paper crafters for years; with these Fluid Chalk ink pads, you can take the “chalked” effect to the next level.

The reverse side of the packaging on each Fluid Chalk ink pad says “Pigment Brush Pad”. These are water-based pigment inks. You won’t need special cleaners or solvents to clean up after using them; you can use ordinary soap and water if you accidentally get this ink on your hands.

This ink behaves much like a dye ink would; it can be stamped, blended, and applied directly to papers, fibers, and embellishments. However, I prefer Fluid Chalk over dye inks for many of the projects I do. I sometimes have a hard time getartting dye inks to stamp cleanly when used with certain brands of clear acrylic stamps. The same stamps stamp beautifully and cleanly when inked with Fluid Chalk. In my opinion, Fluid Chalk is ideal for use with clear stamps.

This ink is versatile, and it can be used on paper, shrink plastic, and polymer clay. It dries quickly and is easy to work with. The ink can be heat set to make it more permanent and more fade-resistant.

The ink pads are made of foam, and they are delightfully “squishy”. They are ideal for using with detailed stamps. They hold an amazing amount of ink, especially considering their small size. It takes a long time and a lot of use before they dry out. Even if you use them enough for them to dry out, re-inkers are available.

Fluid Chalks are available in a variety of gorgeous colors. In my opinion, the available color palette is outstanding. My favorite colors of Fluid Chalk are Rouge, Olive Pastel, Creamy Brown, Wisteria, Dark Brown, and Burnt Sienna. As you can see from my photos, my own Fluid Chalk ink pads have seen a lot of use. I can find a use for them in practically every project I create.


The only real drawback that I am aware of is that, with time and repeated use, Fluid Chalk ink pads are prone to coming off their plastic base. In my opinion, this is really not that big a deal; if you are gentle with the ink pads and use them carefully, you should hopefully get quite a bit of use out of them before this happens to your ink pads.


In my opinion, Cat’s Eye Fluid Chalk ink pads are well worth the money. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $2.00, which is completely affordable, even for crafters on a tight budget. I own many Cat’s Eye Fluid Chalk ink pads, and easily got my money’s worth out of every single one of them. I am delighted to recommend them to other crafters.

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