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Product Review: Zip Dry Paper Glue Adhesive

Zip Dry Paper Glue is quickly becoming my all-time favorite adhesive for paper crafts such as card making, scrapbooking, altered art and art journaling. It’s ESPECIALLY fantastic for use when designing and making clear albums. The ladies at Clear Scraps were the ones who introduced me to Zip Dry because it is one of their “Preferred Products” for use with Clear Scraps acrylic albums and clear embellishments. Well, I have tried Zip Dry with Clear Scraps and also with a bunch of other clear albums as well. It really works! This adhesive is thoroughly impressive for a number of reasons. 

Pros: Things I Like About Zip Dry Paper Glue


  • Zip Dry is affordable and reasonably priced. You get a lot for your money with this product!
  • Zip Dry is acid-free.
  • Zip Dry is archival-safe and photo safe.
  • Zip Dry will continue to hold its grip over a long period of time.
  • Zip Dry dries extremely quickly.
  • If you apply it evenly to your project, Zip Dry dries completely clear. This is particularly important if you make projects using clear acetate sheets, clear albums or other supplies that have see-through elements.
  • Zip Dry works well on a variety of surfaces, including clear acrylic, paper, chipboard, and lots of others.
  • Many liquid adhesives will make paper wrinkle and buckle. Zip Dry will not do this. It dries flat and perfect every single time.
  • Zip Dry is made in the USA, so your purchase of this product supports American manufacturing. You can be sure that the workers making this product have been paid fair wages according to the minimum wage laws of the United States — and if you live in the USA, your purchase of this product keeps wealth circulating in your home country. Usually, you think of “Made in USA” products as being much more expensive — but this product is competitively priced, and in this case, you are not overpaying for “made in the USA”.

Cons: Things I Don’t Like About Zip Dry Paper Glue


There is only one thing I dislike about Zip Dry, and that is the distinctive adhesive odor. It really isn’t that big a deal, and it certainly isn’t a big deal when you consider that just about every other liquid adhesive also has an odor. That isn’t unique to Zip Dry. There really isn’t much you can do other than open a window, which is what I do. It isn’t any worse or more noticeable than any other adhesive, and actually if the truth be told it smells better than, for example, just about any spray adhesive I’ve tried in the past. 

If you absolutely need to have an odor-free adhesive, I’d recommend trying Glue Dots, Double-Sided Tape, and Xyron. However, I’d recommend at least giving Zip Dry a try, since those can all be seen from the back of a clear album page, which limits your ability to really get the most out of designing with clear albums. You’ll probably want to have some Zip Dry on hand for the occasions when you’d really like to use an adhesive that isn’t visible from the back of the page. 

Where To Buy Zip Dry Paper Glue:


There are several places you can buy Zip Dry Paper Glue: 

  • CreateforLess
  • A Cherry on Top Crafts — Before you buy this glue anywhere else, be sure to check A Cherry on Top’s discount codes; this store not only offers some of the best available prices on a broad variety of craft supplies; they also usually have AWESOME discounts available. They sometimes offer discount codes for free shipping, a percentage off your purchase, etc. I am a frequent repeat customer of theirs, not only because of their great prices, but also because they make it so easy for you to talk to actual employee of their store if you need help fixing a problem with an order (which are rare to start with). They also package your purchases really well, unlike Michaels, where your products will most likely be haphazardly thrown into a box with no additional packaging materials. I LOVE THIS STORE.
  • Click here to shop for Zip Dry at — another fantastic store offering reasonably prices, fast shipping and one-stop shopping for bunches of different craft supplies.
  • Click here to shop for Zip Dry at Amazon.

I hope you will give Zip Dry a try! I think you will really love it. 

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