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Scor Tape is a sticky double-sided tape that comes on large rolls that last a good, long time. It includes a backing, which is helpful for carefully placing the tape on your project before you stick it down.

One Suggestion for How to Use Scor Tape

Let’s say for example you’re applying the tape to an embellishment that you want to tape to a larger page or project. You can unroll the tape, tear or cut it, and stick it to your element; then you can temporarily place the element on the page and move it around to figure out where you want it. Once you’ve decided, just lift it up enough to remove the backing and carefully stick it down. Then apply gentle pressure to make sure the element sticks.

This is only one possible approach to using Scor Tape; there are many different ways you can use it. The one detailed above is the one I use most often.

How to Tape Ribbon Using Scor Tape:

Scor-Tape Is Useful for Adhering Ribbon to Paper or Other Surfaces

Scor-Tape Is Useful for Adhering Ribbon to Paper or Other Surfaces

Another way I like to use Scor Tape: Unroll a length of ribbon. Cut it to the size you want it, perhaps leaving a bit extra at the ends to be folded under or trimmed off. Apply Scor Tape to the back of the ribbon, leaving the back on. Move the ribbon around on the page until you are satisfied with the placement. Carefully turn the ribbon over and remove the backing. Stick the ribbon down onto the project and apply gentle pressure to it. Either trim the ends of ribbon to the right size, or fold them to the back of the project and stick them down. If you’ve cut the ends, you may also wish to use Fray Check on the ends to keep them from unraveling with time.

Again, this is only one possible way of using Scor Tape. I’m sure you can imagine many more possibilities for it when you think of your own unique approaches to crafting.

Scor Tape for Scrapbooking, ATCs and Card Making

I keep the narrow widths of Scor tape handy in my craft supplies stash for use in my scrapbook layouts, mini albums, handmade greeting cards, collages and art trading cards. It’s particularly helpful for use when working with smaller pieces and elements. If you want to make envelopes and pockets for sending greeting cards or attaching to layouts, this adhesive is a fantastic choice.

This stuff is strong enough to stick down random things like buttons, faux flowers, pieces of felt, metal letters and elements, and pieces of chipboard. If you want something heavy-ish to stick to your paper and stay stuck, Scor Tape is a good choice.

Ribbon Crafts

Ribbon for Arts and Crafts

If you love paper crafting with ribbon, Scor tape might just be your new best friend. It’s my go-to adhesive for sticking ribbon down onto cards, scrapbook layouts, and collages.


I don’t do a lot with miniatures, but if I did, I’m sure I’d use this tape often. With such skinny little widths of Scor Tape available, it would be really helpful for use with all the fun free printables that are available on the Internet.

Shadow Boxes

This tape is a great way to stick things into a shadow box, or onto a three-dimensional art project.

Scor Tape Is Strong and Seriously Sticky!

Scor tape is definitely NOT a repositionable adhesive. For better or worse, once you stick something down, it’s down, especially if you’ve applied pressure to it. Most of the time, that’s exactly what you want! The only time it’s a bummer: if you make a mistake in where you place something on an element. So, I’d caution you to work slowly and carefully once you’ve applied this adhesive and unpeeled the backing. Once you’ve applied it, it’ll stay right where you put it.

Cut It or Tear It

If you don’t want to put your project down long enough to pick up a pair of scissors, you’ll appreciate how easily Scor Tape tears. This is also useful for those times when your scissors are at the other end of the table or buried somewhere under a pile of paper.

Bunches of Sizes Available

Whatever size of Scor Tape you need, they probably make it. I like the 1/4 inch width, which works well for a variety of uses including ribbon and all kinds of paper crafts. If you need a different size, they make everything from 1/8 of an inch on up through 6 inches.

Acid Free, Heat-Resistant Adhesive

This is a durable tape which is both acid-free and heat resistant.

Country of Origin

This product is made in Korea.

Quality vs Value

In my opinion, Scor Tape is an excellent value for the price. You get a good, strong tape in your choice of sizes. Because of the backing and the way it is packaged, you don’t need a tape runner to use it — which saves you the initial cost of the runner if you are just getting started with paper crafts. You also eliminate all the usual issues with runners (does the runner fit comfortably in your hand? Does the runner get in your way when you’re trying to work? Etc.)

Each package of Scor Tape is an ultra-generous 27 yards. That’s 81 feet / 24.6888 meters of tape.

Overall, I’m happy to recommend this product to other crafters. I’ve been quite satisfied with it.

Where to Buy Scor Tape Adhesive

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By Amy Solovay

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile design. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a studio art minor; and she has also obtained another degree in textile design.

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