Find Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Edgings, Squares, Appliques and Other Components

This page is a repository for all kinds of different crocheted components — meaning bits and pieces that aren’t finished projects by themselves, but you can use them in various ways to create many different types of finished projects.

Borders, Trims and Edgings


Borders, trims and edgings are components you can use to finish off many of your various crochet, knitting and sewing projects — or ordinary items you have around the house. For example, if you have some plain sheets or pillowcases, you can dress them up with pretty edgings; or you could whip up some trim around the openings of anklets or other socks. Crafters often add edgings to plain fleece baby blankets, and also to knitted or crocheted baby blankets. Many other projects will benefit from borders, trims and edgings as well.

Motifs, Shapes and Appliques

Crochet is exactly the right craft technique to use for creating motifs and shapes such as squares, circles, hexagons and others. We offer many interesting patterns for making designs such as these. The following links will take you to our pattern lists:

Applique Patterns