Are Happy Planners Refillable?

Refill Pages for Happy Planner: The Papillon Undated Calendar Extension Pack

Refill Pages for Happy Planner: The Papillon Undated Calendar Extension Pack

Happy Planner Refill Pages: Sunshine Calendar Extension Pack

Happy Planner Refill Pages: Sunshine Calendar Extension Pack

Because the Happy Planner uses a discbound system rather than a spiral binding, Happy Planners are refillable. The discbound system allows you the freedom to add and remove pages whenever you decide to. Furthermore, the Happy Planner’s manufacturer, Me and My Big Ideas, makes a broad variety of refill pages, calendar extension packs and other accessories available. This makes it super easy to refill your Happy Planner whenever you like.

As a result, you do not have to buy a new Happy Planner every year. You can simply refill your existing planner whenever it’s convenient for you to do so.

A variety of refill types are available. There are options that give you monthly and weekly calendar pages; there are also options that give you daily calendar pages. There are even some hourly layouts available in case you need to plan busy days.

If you would find it convenient to be able to continue referring to past months’ pages, you might wish to replace your Happy Planner’s discs with larger ones. This will allow your Happy Planner to hold more pages. In that case, you can simply add your new extension pages onto the end of your planner.

If you’d rather not carry all those old pages around, you can easily take them out. You can either declutter them if you don’t need them, or store them if you think you might want to refer to them again at some point.

Over to You:

Do you have a Happy Planner? Will you be refilling it when you’ve used up all its pages? And what will you do with your expired Happy Planner pages? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

This page was last updated on 11-5-2021.

6 thoughts on “Are Happy Planners Refillable?

  1. Sharon

    Thanks for this info, Amy. I’m a longtime planner user, but I never had one that is refillable before — always had a spiral bound planner and was always frustrated that I couldn’t easily add pages or temporarily remove pages. I am pretty excited about finding this discbound system. I am debating about whether to switch over now, so I can use a discbound planner for all my holiday planning, or whether to start fresh in January.

    The biggest reason I’m resistant to switching now is because I already have everything like holiday gift lists, guest list and menu written out in my old planner. So if I switch over now, I’ll be duplicating a lot of work that is already done. But I may just bite the bullet and do it…Will probably be worth the effort in the long run.

    Either way, I’m going to buy my new Happy Planner NOW. I will definitely be refilling it when I’ve used up all its pages. As for your question on what I will do with expired pages, I will be keeping them for my archives. I work in sales, and I have daily sales goals I need to beat. Part of the reason I keep a planner is so I can look back at last year and find my notes from the same day last year to see my notes on what factors were affecting my sales that day. I learned to do that from a senior manager at my company, and once I started doing it, it was a game changer for me.

    It really appeals to me to be able to simply find last year’s page for the same day and simply add it to the planner in the spot I need it. This will be a massive productivity booster!

    1. amysolovay Post author

      Those are all interesting and helpful insights, Sharon. Thanks so much for the valuable comment; I really appreciate it.

      The discbound planner system has definitely given a big boost to my productivity, and I am positive you’ll enjoy a big boost to yours, too, once you switch over. Best wishes for a smooth transition.

  2. Anne

    I don’t have a Happy Planner, but I am looking for a refillable planner to replace my old and very worn out planner. This looks like a good planner to try. THX


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