How to Make Napkin Rings With Wide Ribbon

You Can Make Ribbon Napkin Rings for Holidays, Special Occasions or Everyday Use.

You Can Make Ribbon Napkin Rings for Holidays, Special Occasions or Everyday Use.

Do you have wide, shimmery ribbon in your craft supply stash? If so, you can make these easy ribbon napkin rings. They’re super quick projects that are sure to please your dinner guests.

Craft Supplies You Will Need

  • Wide ribbon; I used a semi-sheer, shimmery two-tone ribbon in shades of melon and green. The camera had difficulty capturing the irridescent colors, which means that this project is much prettier in person. Note that I recycled a piece of ribbon, and should have pressed it first with an iron before using. You can see in my picture that it’s a bit wrinkled. Oops. Please learn from my mistake and press your ribbon if needed before you get started.
  • Scissors
  • Fray Check or similar adhesive
  • Cloth napkins
  • Ruler or tape measure

First, grab your napkins and fold them into fan shapes, or use the napkin folding technique of your choice. You could also roll the napkins up if you prefer.

Next, pull a length of ribbon off the spool. Tie the ribbon around the base of the folded napkin, then tie the ribbon in a bow. Cut both ends of the ribbon at an angle, and at equal lengths.

Treat the cut edges of ribbon with Fray Check or adhesive to keep them from unraveling.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the napkins in your set. To ensure your napkin rings will all be the same size, you can untie the ribbon, measure the length with your ruler, then re-tie. Then you can cut all the rest of the ribbons you need to that size.


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