How to Make a Necklace Longer

Do you have a necklace that’s too short for you to wear comfortably? Don’t get rid of it; you can make it longer with a minimal investment of time and craft supplies. Here’s how to make a necklace longer:

Tools and Supplies You Need to Make a Necklace Longer

  • Long needle-nose pliers
  • Jump rings in the same color and material as your necklace
  • And, of course, you need to have the necklace that you’ll be lengthening on hand to work with.

Instructions for How to Make a Necklace Longer

There are many different approaches you could take if you want to make a necklace longer. If you only need to add a tiny bit of length on to your necklace, one of the easiest approaches is to simply use long needle-nose pliers for adding jump rings onto the end of the necklace. To accomplish this, you use your needle-nose pliers to open up each jump ring and add it at the end of the chain. Then use the pliers to close the jump ring again afterwards. Keep adding jump rings until the necklace reaches the measurement you desire.

That’s it! That’s one quick, easy way to make a necklace longer. We hope this information is helpful to you as you work at keeping your wardrobe of accessories up to date.