What Is Your Favorite Crochet Hook?

I have a favorite crochet hook. It’s an old school aluminum size G Boye hook that my grandma’s sister gave to me when she taught me how to crochet. At this point, it’ s only my favorite crochet hook because of the sentimental value ; there are other hooks I’d rather use for crocheting with these days. But there was a time when I used that crochet hook for every crochet project I made.

Perhaps you own a hook that has sentimental value. Perhaps you’ve discovered a hook that works especially well for your favorite crochet technique. Perhaps your favorite hook is one that is colorful, or beautiful, or vintage, or handcrafted. Whatever your reason for loving it, we’d love to know about it! Please leave us a comment and tell us all about it. It’s ideal if you can provide details like the brand (if applicable), the material it’s made out of and the size. Thanks in advance for any insights you’d like to share.

Awhile back, I polled readers at a crochet website I used to manage and asked them this same exact question: “what is your favorite crochet hook?” They shared the following responses about which crochet hooks are their favorites:

Susan Bates always and forever..

I learned on Susan Bates Silvalume hooks, which is probably why I love them so much. There seems to always be a debate over which hook is better Susan Bates or Boye. I for one do not like the Boye hooks but I think it depends on the way you crochet which hook works best for you. I have tried them all, wooden, bamboo, Boye, plastic, luxite, SB quicksilver and I always go back to what I learned on…Susan Bates Silvalume. The vintage style are much better than the ones you buy nowadays. If you love crochet are just learning I would suggest trying a few different style hooks to see what is the best for your style of crocheting. You may just fall in love all over again when you find the right hook!!!
—Guest Michelle Crochet

my fav hook

My favorite hook is tulip etimo gold or Susan Bates crystallites. They glide through the yarn.
—Guest paula

Favorite Crochet Hook

Baleen hooks,,, J and K. They were found in and old variety store in Massachusetts. Some years ago. I love them. use them for everything I crochet. I am very protective of them as I believe they cannot be purchased or even made anymore.
—Guest Lois Hill


I use a tapered shank “Boye” hook. I learned a long time ago and I don’t think they had inline hooks then. I tried a “Susan Bates” hook but since they were inline I just couldn’t get the feel for it. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the newer brands but I already have more than enough hooks accumulated over the years.

Bamboo handle, aluminum head

Gotta love the Susan Bates Bamboo handled hooks. The thicker handles mean I can work longer before my hands cramp up.
—Guest Terrie

No more achy hands

I love the Amour Clover – my hands used to ache but with the Amour Clover they feel great and the hooks are smooth as silk. I absolutely think they are the best.

Susan Bates Silvalume

They would be even better if they were made in the USA like they used to be back in the day.

Favorite Crochet Hook??

After 41 years of crocheting, my MOST favorite crochet hook is by SUSAN BATES. I’ve tried others and the hooks do not work for me.


I love bamboo hooks! They are lightweight but Strong. They are not cold but feel quite warm to the touch. The more use they get the smoother they get. I have been using bamboo with Plarn and it works great! No annoying sqeaking sound. They can be exspensive at stores. I bought mine in sets on ebay at a great discount, straight from Hong Kong. The wait was well worth it.
—Guest A

Like generations before me…

Just like the generations of women in my family before me who have crocheted the plethora of afghans I grew up with, still own and use, and who taught me to appreciate and respect “hookers” and “hooking,” I use nothing but Herrschners crochet hooks. I started out with a set of Boye hooks, and got severely aggravated that the yarn never stayed on the hook when I turned and pulled through. It was maddening! So maddening, in fact, that when I tried to learn from my grandmother the first time at the age of 13, I ended up throwing the hook across the living room, still attached to the skein of yarn. 15 years later, sitting beside my mother on her loveseat, I had begged her to teach me. Again, I had a set of Boye hooks to try with. I had a heck of a time keeping the yarn on the hooks again. I was frustrated and angry when I left from that visit with her, even though I had improved greatly over that week. A week later, my new Herrschners set in hand, I’ve never had a problem since.

Susan Bates is Numero Uno!

In the lower end DEFINITYLY Susan Bates. Boye has a drag on them and splits the yarn. Could not fing my Bates ‘E’ last night. Started the project with Boye and got very frustrated. Re-united with Bates today and it’s smooth flowing from here on out. Bates Silverlume wins in my book!
—Guest Picky


I have tried both the Susan Bates plastic and metal hooks, and the tried and true Boye hooks. I truly do perfer the Boye hooks, and seldom have any difficulty with them. I tend to crochet very tightly, and the Susan Bates hooks are just too chunky to get a good stitch defination. Also, they tend to snag. I have also tried bamboo hooks, but found they snag too much also. My very favorite hooks continue to be the Boye and I have given all my Susan Bates away to a friend who has pain in her hands and likes them better as they are easier for her to grip. So, in all fairness to both brands, I sopose it just depends on your individual preference.
—Guest ter

my favorite crochet hook

I like INOX/PRYM the best (I got mine at Spin Blessing) Second choice is Gem and third choice is from Hobby Lobby called Yarnology….I have every kind but don’t like most of them
—Guest ymdixon

favorite crochet hook

I have tried evey hook you can think of but like INOX/PRYM the best, without a doubt.INOX was sold in Germany, but changed to Prym. I found them at Spin Blessing.com in USA. I like the ones without the plastic handles because they have the indent for the thumb.I once in awhile use another kind but always go back to these. I also like GEM but can’t find them anywhere……

favorite crochet hook

i started out 36 years ago, making a simple baby afghan, size g hook, and still have that same hook, and it has worn paint where my finger still rests. through many moves, i still got that hook, my hooks are in a big coffee can with a lid, fastened down with duct tape. yep, good ole duct tape, used for crocheting too!!!
—Guest beverly beckham

My Crochet Career Has Been Saved!

I started out with Boye hooks 27 years ago. Then I fell in love with Susan Bates and would use nothing else However, now that my fingers are suffering with arthritis, it has been a more and more painful experience to do what I love most. Then, last Christmas, my-husband-who-loves-me got me a set of Laurel Hill hand made wooden hooks. My life has been renewed!!! The lighter weight is much less stress on the individual fingers, and much less wear on the arm muscles up to the shoulder. The indent for the finger makes for comfortable smooth work. The wood itself works through any yarn without snags or tears. The hook is well defined and grabs the yarn without any special maneuvering. Yes, I admit the cost was a bit much. But, considering how many hours a day I crochet, it was well worth the price!!! I will never go back to aluminum!!!
—Guest Anniem

Clover Softtouch Crochet Hook

My favourite is the Clover SoftTouch Crochet hook. I find these the most comfortable to hold because of larger and flattened handle. My second choice is Susan Bates hooks. I also use the wooden egg-shaped hook. My hands tend to become fatigued & achy if I crochet for long periods; switching hooks & projects, especially very light weight projects, or between crocheting & knitting helps.
—Guest SharonDSinclair

Your Favorite Hook

I prefer plastic hooks. I like Susan Bates and Boye hooks and use both quite frequently if I can’t find a plastic hook in the needed size at the time I start a project. I love plastic hooks, though, because they seem to give a bit when you’re crocheting and conform to your fingers–almost as if the hook and fingers are one. I do like to use a NEW hook when starting projects that I’m giving away, especially baby afghans. It seems that sometimes hooks get worn and that’s what makes them “grab” or split yarn. If you’re spending $$$ on yarn and time making the project, shouldn’t you invest a few $$$ on a new hook so you don’t split your yarn and have a smooth-looking finished project????
—Guest debbiejonathan

Favorite hook

I am 51, and have been crocheting avidly for 46 years. Nothing beats a Boye in my book. I have tried others over the years and always end up going back to my old standard. I always seem to “lose” the ones I buy to try — but I have dozens of Boye hooks and they always come back to my zipcase. I have no idea what happens to the rest. 🙂
—Guest Charmain

Boye size H

This is what my first hook was and I still love it! I love the shape of Boye. Susan Bates feels awkward. I wonder if some people prefer one over the other depending on if they hold it like a pencil or a knitting needle. hmm ???
—Guest lilput

another hook

i found a hook wile sorting my stash last night it was a h MY FAVORITE SIZE BACK THEN it was a very pretty pinkish color AND I SEE IT WAS A GEM HOOK That has to be very old they dont make them now IT FIT MY GRIP SO MUCH BETTER THAN THESE bates and boye hooks they role they are good hooks but i love this hook i had mis placed it and now i have it in the position to use again … im so loving it i also found my INHERITED HOOKS they are thread hooks one was a five and one was a 13 i dont know what size the others were but you can tell how old they the hook part (TIP) was a little rusted…
—Guest marceme

my favorite hook

it was first hook i ever bought for my self it was a very pretty green i had it over ten years… it fid good in my hand grip i bought it in a store that is now out of business and my mom and i went there alot SHE NOW GONE TOO

favorite hook

my favorite hook for years was H and half double crochet now i like doing the larger j and higher cause it makes things bigger and not so tight takes less yarn also

fav hook

I like the Redheart Crystallites. Smooth, cheap and have easier hook on them that doesn’t split yarn…


I learned with Boye hooks, but was never really pleased with how often they got hung up. I discovered Susan Bates hooks by accident one day and now I have replaced all my Boyes with Susan Bates Silvalume hooks in every size!!! and I even have the Red Heart plastic hooks for the largest sizes because they are the same as the Susan Bates hooks and the lightweight plastice hooks are GREAT for making afghans and throws!!! (^_^)
—Guest Soleil du Verseua

favorite crochet hooks

I have to speak up in support of the Boye hooks. I have had nothing but trouble with Susan Bates hooks–yarn splitting and trouble getting the hook into the stitch (I tend to crochet tightly) However, the Boye hooks have rarely given me any trouble.


I learned to crochet with boye but found Susan bates and it was love at first sight
—Guest Joanie

Fav needle

Susan bates quicksilver is the best smooth easy to use. Love them
—Guest Joaniemom

Susan Bates Hooks are Best!

My Favorite Hooks are always Susan Bates Silvalume – but I like to wooden handled SB Hooks too! I do NOT like Boye hooke with that skinny throat, though I have used them for certain things. I also have a wonderful Bamboo “J” hook that just glides through the yarn! Great Question!
—Guest Pat

Susan Bates Bamboo Handled Crochet Hooks

The comfort of these hooks in these old hands is indescribable.

favorite hook

My husband bought me 16 Brittany black walnut crochet hooks on an E-bay auction. Though I have numerous crochet hooks,whether they bamboo,special wood,plastic or special orders,the Brittany’s are my favorite because they were given to me by my husband and they are smoooooth hooks!
—Guest curlgirl64


After reading all the responses, I just have to give some support to the Boye hooks. I like them because they are pointed and slide into the stitch without forcing it. I have several in all sizes and have stored my Bates hooks in the bottom drawer!
—Guest Harriet

Favorite Crochet Hook

Wooden because it is very gentle on the hands and fingers
—Guest Margaret Duval

favorites crochet hooks

I have been crocheting for over 35 yrs. I started out with the Boye,Then I discovered SUSAN BATES I gave away the boye hooks, SUSAN BATES are the best, same size from hook through throat, I wont use anything else.
—Guest vickie

Hero Hooks

They are the best !!!! The shape of the throat of the hook just makes the yarn slide off the hook instead of getting hung up .

Clover Soft Touch – All the Way!

I have multiple joint problems but want to keep busy, especially during the long winters. Holding small steel crochet hooks just wasn’t going to cut it for very long. I was going to try the ‘crochet cushions’ but decided to refurbish my hooks with all new. Am I ever glad I did! Because of the shape, you don’t have to hold onto them as tightly. I’ve found I can crochet longer with less fatigue.
—Guest ShanZ

Clover soft hook

My favorite hook for crochet is the soft hook put out by Clover. I love the thickness of the handle and the measured distance of the shank. I have several in all sizes. I just love them!!
—Guest Vangie

My H hook

My favorite crochet hook is a size H-8 Susan Bates silvervalume. I hate the Boye hooks, because they don’t pick up the yarn as easily.
—Guest Sarah


I have a lovely set of bamboo hooks from china (via ebay!), so lovely to use.
—Guest Jennie

your favorite hook

I like the h hook, because you can do almost anything with a h hook, and the spaces that you have to make sometimes are not to big. and the hook is just right for the hand
—Guest linda watkins


My favourite hooks are the Susan Bates Silvalume. I have recently purchased some Rosewood hooks and I really like the look and feel of them as well.

fav crochet hooks

my favorites are the susan bates aluminum with bamboo handles
—Guest Phoebe

What is your favorite hook?

My favorite hook is a size J hook carved out of wood. It was given to me by the owner of a sheep ranch.
—Guest Otia

1 Favorite Hook

I have one favorite hook. After retirement, I started making doilies and bought a size 10 from a friend. It’s comfortable in my hand, the hook has been used enough that it is so smooth with the thread.
—Guest Linda Rose


I make a lot of lace so my favorite hook is a UK 1.5
—Guest Yvonne
favorite crochet hook
I love the clover soft touch crochet hooks, more comfortable for me than the traditional hook.
—Guest vangie

crochet hooks

For Barbie gowns-a Susan Bates size 7 steel.For everything-The Boyee hooks.Easy on pocket and I don’t get upset if I loose one
—Guest Diana

What is Your Favorite Crochet Hook?

My favorite hooks are the Susan Bates hooks, usually aluminum. The hook is shaped softly so it doesn’t split yarns and is comfortable to hold. This is in contrast to the Boye hooks, which hooks are sharply fashioned and subsequently split yarns as I crochet.
—Guest Maxene Hanson

crochet hooks

I generally use the 3.5o crochet hook easy to use great to handle and does lovely work
—Guest dorothy

Wooden Afghan Hook

I have a wooden afghan hook I got from ebay. It was in with a box of knitting needles I won at auction. The hook doesn’t have a size or brand on it so I have no idea who made it. It’s my favorite because it’s long enough for doing projects in afghan stitch and it’s comfortable to hold. Wishing I could figure out where to get more in other sizes. The one I have looks to be about a size J, I think.
—Guest Mary Lee Venable

I Have Two Favorites

My grandma gave me a vintage bone hook. I treasure it! That one is my favorite, but I don’t crochet with it often. My favorite hook for day to day crocheting is my size G Clover Soft Touch.
—Sarah Louis

Now it’s your turn to share your favorite crochet hook. Please leave us a comment and let us know all about your favorite hook.

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7 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Crochet Hook?

  1. Charlotte

    I want to learn how to crochet so I don’t have a favorite crochet hook yet. I found this page truly helpful — thank you to everyone who posted comments. @linda watkins, thanks for the tip on H hooks. I will pick up one of those first! And to everyone who recommended Softtouch and Susan Bates, I will be trying the Clover Sofftouch and the Susan Bates with bamboo handles based on your recommendations. THANK YOU ALL!

  2. Kristy Chatham

    I got my favorite crochet hooks from Knitpicks. I don’t know if there is a brand name for them, but they are fantastic. I don’t have any bamboo crochet hooks, but I adore my bamboo knitting needles, so maybe I will give the Susan Bates hooks with bamboo handles a try.

    1. amysolovay Post author

      Hi Kristy,

      Thanks for the comment! If you decide to try the Susan Bates hooks, I’d love to know how they work out for you. Please keep us posted.

      Best wishes,

  3. Tori McLaughlan

    I haven’t ever used anything other than Boye hooks. A Boye size H and size I are my most used sizes. Now you all have me wondering what I’m missing out on with some of these other options.

    1. amysolovay Post author

      Tori, you’re in exactly the same situation I was for years. I grew up crocheting with Boye hooks, and I didn’t try any others until I was in college. In hindsight, I’m glad I did try others, but it took awhile to adjust to other style hooks. If you have the inclination and budget to try some others, I think it’s a great idea to do it. You might decide you really prefer to continue using the Boye hooks, but on the other hand, you might discover another hook that would work even better for the way you crochet. I still use Boye hooks often, but I am glad I expanded my hook stash to include bunches of other options.


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