Wire Crochet Christmas Wreath: Free Crochet Pattern

Wire Crochet Christmas Wreath: Free Crochet Pattern

Wire Crochet Christmas Wreath: Free Crochet Pattern

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This little wire crochet Christmas wreath is similar to a wreath I crocheted in wool yarn. I had already been thinking of crocheting this sort of project in wire, but when I received a question about the possibility of using fibers other than wool for crocheting the original pattern, I decided it was definitely time to try this version (along with several others.)

For those who don’t want to work with wool and don’t want to hassle with starching, stiffening or gluing a cotton version of the wreath, this version is perfect. It stays stiff all on its own, and it won’t trigger any wool allergies.

If you’ve already crocheted the wool version of the wreath, you’ll notice some little differences — which will hopefully keep things interesting for you.

Skill Level: Experienced

Special Stitch: The Beaded Slip Stitch — a beaded slip stitch is pretty much the same as an ordinary slip stitch, with one important difference. You insert your hook into the work, then slide a bead close to the work, then wrap the wire around your hook and pull your loop all the way through to complete the stitch. So the main difference is that you’ll have a bead caught inside the slip stitch. The bead will be most prominent on the back of the work; to take best advantage of that, in the end, the back of the work will become the front of your wire wreath.


Wire — I used 26 gauge permanently colored copper wire by Darice. The color name is “Dark Green,” and the item # is 3958-70.

Crochet Hook: You’ll need a sturdy crochet hook — one that you hope will be strong enough to withstand the pressure of wire crochet without breaking. Be sure to choose a hook that does not have significant monetary or sentimental value, just in case it does break. I used a size 7 / 1.65mm steel crochet hook. In hindsight, I think I would have been happier with the results if I had used a slightly bigger hook.

Other: A store-bought wire hanger is optional. You’ll also need some embellishments. I used a red ribbon bow plus red glass 6/0 seed beads (I used 13 beads, although one of them is hidden under the bow and could be omitted if you plan to place a bow in that spot.)

Finished Size: My wreath measures a bit less than 3″ in diameter.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Wire Crochet Wreath Instructions:

Ch 24. Join with a sl st to form a ring.

Round 1: Work 28 sc sts in the ring. Sl st to join the end of the work to the beg.

Round 2: [ch 4, skip next st, work a beaded sl st in the next st.] Rep the sequence in brackets all the way around.

Round 3: sl st in next ch-4 space. [ch 4, sl st in next ch-4 space.] Rep the sequence in brackets all the way around.

You could either end off at this point, or you could use your wire to create a hanging loop for the wreath.

If I were going to hang mine, I would probably just attach a store-bought wire ornament hanger to the top — so that’s an option you can consider.

You could also use this little wreath as a component in jewelry-making projects, or other craft projects.

Merry Christmas, happy crocheting, and happy decorating! I hope you will be blessed this holiday season.

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