Best Tunisian Crochet Books

Tunisian crochet is a technique that’s both timely and timeless. It’s an old technique, but right now it’s enjoying renewed popularity. There are bunches of talented crochet pattern designers who are currently interested in the technique, and they’ve been publishing some spectacular Tunisian crochet patterns. Want to check out their work? If so, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering our picks for the best Tunisian crochet books that are currently available.

Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet

Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet Book by Brenda Bourg, Published by Stackpole Books

Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet Book by Brenda Bourg, Published by Stackpole Books

If you’d like to learn how to crochet blankets, sweaters, headbands, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs and other projects that look just like Fair Isle knitting projects, you’re going to love this colorful book by Brenda Bourg. It’s both a crochet pattern book and a crochet instruction manual featuring step-by-step stitch tutorials and detailed information about how to do the Fair Isle Tunisian crochet technique.

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets

Sharon Silverman wrote this fantastic volume of baby blanket patterns you can make using the Tunisian crochet technique.

Tunisian Crochet for Baby

This book includes baby clothing and accessory patterns plus patterns for crocheting nursery decor.

More Books Featuring Tunisian Crochet Patterns

There are bunches of crochet books that include a mix of patterns in different techniques — some Tunisian crochet patterns and some others. While Tunisian crochet might not be the sole focus of the following books, each of the books mentioned below includes some lovely and noteworthy Tunisian crochet patterns in the collection.

Vintage Modern Crochet

The purpose of Vintage Modern Crochet is to help you learn about “classic crochet lace techniques for contemporary style.” Tunisian crochet lace is one of the techniques covered in the book, along with others. There’s an entire chapter of the book devoted to Tunisian lace, along with a brief history of the technique. The Tunisian crochet patterns featured in this volume include:

  • Syrah cuffs by Robyn Chachula — You can make these beaded bracelets using either crochet thread or wire.
  • Yasmine shawl by Rebecca Velasquez — This shawl is sort of like a sampler of different Tunisian crochet lace stitch patterns.
  • Cyrene striped dress by Moon Eldridge — This textured dress is part classic, part simple, a little bit preppie and a little bit bohemian. It looks like it would be a really interesting project to crochet.
  • Fleur swing top by Megan Granholm — This textured sweater almost resembles knitting.
  • Priya cowl by Robyn Chachula — This cowl is an interesting sampler of Tunisian crochet stitches. It’s a sophisticated design that offers you many possible ways to style it and wear it.

Crochet Wraps Every Which Way

Crochet Wraps Every Which Way: 18 Original Patterns in 6 Techniques by Tammy Hildebrand, Published by Stackpole Books

Crochet Wraps Every Which Way: 18 Original Patterns in 6 Techniques by Tammy Hildebrand, Published by Stackpole Books

Tammy Hildebrand wrote a fascinating book of shawl patterns that you can crochet using a variety of crochet techniques. Tunisian crochet is one of the featured techniques, along with traditional crochet, crochet motifs, hairpin lace, broomstick lace and double-ended crochet. You get tutorials for each technique plus shawl patterns to use for practicing what you learn.

The three Tunisian crochet shawl patterns included in this book are as follows:

  • Easy Clementine shells shawl pattern — This is a lacy openwork shawl that you could dress up or down. It would be equally lovely paired with eveningwear or casual wear.
  • Cascading rivers shawl pattern — This is a casual textured poncho style wrap featuring a mix of stitches that includes post stitches. It incorporates two different contrasting yarn colors.
  • Water lily shawl pattern — A traditional crochet edging is the finishing touch for this sophisticated Tunisian crochet shawl. This is another design that could be dressy or casual depending on how you want to style it.

Simply Crochet

Simply Crochet Book by Robyn Chachula, Published by Interweave

Simply Crochet Book by Robyn Chachula, Published by Interweave

Simply Crochet is an outstanding compilation of crochet pattern designs by some of the most talented contemporary crochet designers.

This book includes 3 different Tunisian crochet patterns:

  • “Billows of Baubles” — This is a Tunisian crochet scarf pattern designed by Sheryl Means. This is a one-skein pattern if you use the same yarn the designer recommends to crochet the design.
  • “Tunisian Neck Lattice” — You could think of this as being either a large triangular scarf or a small shawlette. Vashti Braha designed this innovative Tunisian crochet pattern. This is another one-skein pattern.
  • “Natalie Shrug” — This is an exquisitely fine shrug that would be pretty paired with dresses, skirts, slacks or jeans. The piece is so versatile that it isn’t hard to imagine it becoming a wardrobe staple. Megan Granholm designed this pretty garment using a special stitch she calls the “Tunisian Griddle Stitch Pattern”. It’s quite lovely, and it only requires 2-3 skeins of the suggested yarn depending on the size shrug you want to make.

Simply Crochet also includes instructions for the following Tunisian crochet stitches:

  • Tunisian simple stitch — abbreviated tss (also known as “Afghan stitch”)
  • Tunisian purl stitch — abbreviated tps
  • Tunisian double crochet — abbreviated tdc
  • Tunisian knit single crochet — abbreviated tksc
  • Tunisian single crochet — abbreviated tsc

Crochet Red

Crochet Red Pattern Book by Laura Zander

Crochet Red Pattern Book by Laura Zander

Crochet Red is another spectacular compilation of crochet pattern designs. Reading a list of the book’s contributors is sort of like reading a “who’s who” list of prominent crochet and knitting pattern designers. There are bunches of amazing patterns in this book; three of them are Tunisian crochet patterns, as follows:

  • An easy Tunisian chevron scarf designed by Sharon Silverman
  • A vintage Tunisian shell designed by Rohn Strong
  • A Tunisian shrug designed by Kristin Omdahl

Crochet Master Class

Crochet Master Class is a pattern and technique book featuring one section and one pattern about each of a number of different crochet techniques. Tunisian crochet is one of the techniques included in the book. Julia Bryant wrote this section of the book; it includes one Tunisian crochet pattern for a girl’s coat.

Best of Interweave Crochet

This book doesn’t offer much Tunisian crochet, but it’s included on this list because the one pattern it does have is a man’s vest. Tunisian crochet is a great technique to use for making men’s clothing, yet there aren’t all that many patterns available for guys’ clothes made using the technique. This design is appealing and contemporary, and stylish guys everywhere will enjoy adding this vest to their wardrobes.

The book also includes a brief two-page introduction to the Tunisian crochet technique. Both the text and the pattern were written by Kathleen Power Johnson.